5 Beautiful Glass Tile Backsplash Ideas

Posted on Jan 4, 2018
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Featured Image: Baroque Glass Tile Backsplash From Arizona Tile

When it comes to creating a beautiful, modern kitchen backsplash, glass tile is one of the most popular options for getting the job done. If you’re planning to install a new backsplash or update your old one, you’ll find a variety of stunning glass tile varieties that are sure to make the mark. Let’s take a look at some great glass backsplash ideas to inspire your next remodel.

Image: Islandia Glass Tile Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#1: Beachy Blues

A classic choice for a glass tile backsplash, blue hues give your kitchen a beachy, chic aesthetic, especially when paired with other coastal colors like warm gray, sandy beige and seafoam green. The Islandia Glass Series is an excellent choice if you’re looking for beach-inspired colors for your kitchen.

#2: Borders & Accents

One great way to use glass tile is to install it as a border or trim to complement another tile design. Use a glass mosaic to dress up a subway tile backsplash with iridescent color, or create a dark-colored glass border to contrast a predominantly white kitchen tile design.

Image: Shimmer Glass Mosaic Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#3: Classic Mosaic

For a timeless glass backsplash, choose a tile with variegated color that complements other features of your kitchen, such as the countertops, wall color or flooring. The versatile Shimmer Glass Tile Series is available in a range of colors—find your favorite for a classic yet chic look.

Image: Strata Platinum Glass Tile Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#4: Textured Look

Many varieties of glass tile can give your backsplash a uniquely textured appearance. With a smooth, polished surface and beveled appearance, glass tile is a great way to give your kitchen a touch of texture. Whether you choose a stacked look, a classic mosaic or another tile pattern, glass tiles can be the perfect enhancement to a modern kitchen design. Our Strata Glass Tile Series comes in several colors and offers a striking texture for any backsplash.

Image: Soh Glass Stone Stack Tile Backsplash From Arizona Tile

#5: Chic Neutrals

Even neutral colors can make a big impact. Take the Soh Glass Stone Stack for example—chic glass tiles in colors like Smoke, Camel, Glacier and Suede are sure to bring a stylish, modern touch to your kitchen backsplash. You may be surprised by how much a neutral tile can enhance a room’s style, especially when it contrasts another color in the space.

Whether a timeless glass mosaic speaks to you or a chic and modern stack is more your style, glass tile is a versatile and popular choice for kitchen backsplashes. Compare your favorites and envision your glass backsplash design with our Just Imagine Visualizer.

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