Featured Image: Cementine Black and White Porcelain Tile

With so many gorgeous tiles available in various styles, it’s no surprise that tile has been discovered as a source for interior design projects beyond the usual floors and countertops. Here are five less traditional and fun ways tile can be used to add unique style to your home.  Be sure to check out our AZ Tile Pinterest Boards for tons of tile ideas!

1) An Eye-Catching Headboard

If you want to add a distinct feature to the bedroom, bypass the standard headboard and design your own! Create a tiled wall behind the bed and you’ll have beautiful wall décor that doubles as a headboard. Mosaic tiles provide some attractive options for this idea.

Image: Emperador Dark Crema Marfil Basketweave Mosaic from Arizona Tile

2) A Beautiful Tabletop

Do you have a table you love but that could use a fresh design? Whether a coffee table, kitchen table or side table, installing tile on the tabletop surface will give an old table a delightfully new look! Use subway tiles for a clean and classic style or mosaic tiles for a more artistic, fun design.

Image: Coffee Table with Glass Inlay

3) A Stylish Backdrop for Shelving

Use tile as a backdrop for shelving in your kitchen or bathroom and your walls will really pop and bring a whole new element to your kitchen or bathroom design. Penny round tile is a beautiful and rich option to use as a backdrop for white shelving in a bright room.

Image: Stainless Steel Penny Round Bathroom Wall from Arizona Tile

4) A Rug that’s Not a Rug

We’ve featured tile rugs before and they’re certainly worth including in this list! With this striking décor piece, tile is used to make a “rug” by creating an interior design with beautifully patterned tiles and using contrasting tiles as an outer border.

5) Outdoor Seating

A patio seating area with large hexagon shaped tiles placed under a table as an outdoor tile “rug” brings an indoor design feature outside. Or use Moroccan style tiles to create tiled seating on a bench or chair and you’ll have a beautiful piece of art right in your yard!

All of these tile designs are highly customizable, enabling you to create home décor that truly reflects your individual style. To discuss ideas for designing with tile, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

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