7 Fresh Summer Looks for Your Outdoor Space

Posted on Jun 23, 2017
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Featured Image: Summer Patio Conversation Bench

Design Trends: 7 Fresh Summer Looks for Your Outdoor Space

Summertime is in full swing, and there’s nothing better than enjoying good company outdoors. If your patio or deck is your summer haven, you want to keep it looking its best for all your warm-weather gatherings and cookouts. We’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas for outdoor living designs and décor in 2017, so your patio will look fresh and inviting through the next few months and beyond.

1. Bench Seating

Create a comfortable, simple outdoor seating area by building a DIY sectional out of wood. Cover the seats with outdoor cushions and pillows to create a cozy space for multiple guests. Bench-style seating can also be made from stone or brick for a look that blends with your patio tile.

Image: Outdoor Patio Curtains on a Veranda

2. Patio Curtains

Patio curtains—made of simple drop cloth or burlap—are a stylish and functional addition to your back patio. Hung from your gazebo or pergola, outdoor curtains add an airy, chic look and can be used to provide privacy or shade when needed. Depending on the type of fabric you choose, your curtains can complement either a modern or rustic patio design.

3. Outdoor Rugs

If your patio is feeling a little plain this summer, spruce it up with an outdoor rug. Find a color that complements your deck material or patio stone. The perfect way to add a pop of texture or a unique pattern to your outdoor space, an outdoor rug can withstand the weather to keep your patio looking fresh and stylish through the season. Plus, if you feel like changing things up, you can always switch out the rug for a new one to give the space a completely different mood.

Image: Verdant Garden Landscape Patio Space

4. Garden Vibe

Turn your backyard patio into a warm, welcoming space for summer by focusing on décor of the living variety. Bring some of the sights and smells of your thriving garden to the patio by incorporating potted plants, bright flowers, and fragrant herbs into your design.

5. Gray Wood

Gray-toned woods are on-trend, as they’re a great way to bring a sophisticated and rustic look to any space. With a weathered, aged appearance, gray wood complements a variety of aesthetics. To give your outdoor space a rustic look with less maintenance, try a durable wood-look tile instead.

Image: White Wrap Around Deck Space

6. Bright Whites

Give your patio that airy, coastal aesthetic by utilizing plenty of white in your design and décor. A white painted pergola pairs beautifully with patio tile in a pale or sandy color, such as travertine or limestone, to create a sense of openness and light. Complement the coastal vibe with small touches of beachy colors like navy blue, warm gray, and seafoam green.

Image: Backyard Patio with Built-In Fireplace and Grill

7. Industrial Touches

Mix modern with rustic by adding stylish industrial accents to your backyard patio design. Pair concrete floors galvanized metal finishes, and wrought-iron décor with wicker furniture, brickwork, and retro lighting to create a cool and trendy atmosphere.

These backyard patio design ideas can be mixed and matched to make an outdoor space that’s unique and stylish, so you can be ready to host your next cookout or dinner party in the great outdoors. To see what your ideal summer outdoor space may look like, take a spin on the Just Design Visualizer from Arizona Tile.

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