8 Design Tips for Your Patio Bar and Outdoor Dining Space

Posted on Jul 5, 2018
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Featured Image: Digitalart Mix Deco Rectified Glazed Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

There’s nothing better than enjoying a beautiful patio and outdoor bar in the summer. Whether you’re renovating your outdoor dining area, having a new patio bar installed or just looking for inspiration for your next project, check out these design tips and ideas. From tile to seating to décor, we’ve got you covered.

1. Choose your countertops carefully

Your patio bar will be exposed to plenty of weather and sunlight, so before you choose a material, make sure it’s appropriate for your climate and the bar’s location. Granite and concrete are generally good options. Marble and limestone are porous and prone to stains, while quartz may discolor when exposed to UV light. It can’t hurt to get an expert opinion before you make a decision.

Image: Vega Moka Porcelain Flooring from Arizona Tile

2. Provide a variety of seating

Your tiled patio is sure to serve a variety of purposes, from big summer barbecues to evenings of solitude around the firepit. As such, make sure to arrange a variety of seating types throughout your patio setup. Barstools or counter-height chairs at the bar are great for dining and socializing, while comfy lounge seating is ideal for relaxation.

Image: Limestone Jura Beige Tile Indoor/Outdoor Patio Tile from Arizona Tile

3. Make a seamless transition from inside to out

Floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors are a dream come true when it comes to the perfect patio. Not only do they let in plenty of natural light, but they also help make a seamless transition from the inside of your home to your outdoor dining space.

Image: Vieux Monde French Limestone Tile from Arizona Tile

4. Consider an anti-slip patio material

Contemporary porcelain tile is a beautiful choice for an outdoor dining area. To keep your patio both safe and stylish, choose an anti-slip porcelain, such as one with R11 Finish.

5. Indulge in an outdoor fridge

If you’re planning to host your fair share of outdoor parties and barbecues this season, take some of the stress off by splurging on a refrigerator for your patio bar. It’ll save you countless trips to and from your kitchen, and it’s a must-have if you’ll be using your patio frequently.

6. Get creative with lighting

Chances are your patio bar and outdoor dining area will be used in the evening and at night. To give your space an inviting ambiance even after sunset, decorate your patio with plenty of lights. From trendy twinkly lights to rustic lanterns to modern globe fixtures, the options are endless.

Image: Massangis Aged Roman Limestone Patio Tile from Arizona Tile

7. Integrate plants and flowers

Enjoying nature and fresh air is the beauty of an outdoor dining space. To give your patio a fresh, colorful look that feels like an extension of your home’s natural surroundings, make sure to integrate plenty of plants, flowers and foliage on your patio and bar. Vertical gardens, potted plants, hanging baskets and trellises can bring life to your patio.

Image: Les Plages Menton Rectified Color Body Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

8. Choose a professional for tile installations

Even if you’ve done a DIY tile job in your home before, tiling your patio or outdoor bar is a job best left to professionals. Why? The ravages of rain, sun, heat and cold will quickly damage tile that hasn’t been installed or sealed properly. To ensure your outdoor tile retains its beauty and function for years to come, trust the experts.

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