Listelles and medallions are an easy and exciting way to accent residential and commercial tile surfaces. They make every room unique, capturing the personality of the owner by creating an eye catching design. In this post we are showcasing just a few ideas of how you can use these extra touches in rooms throughout a home or business. The possibilities are endless!

listelle is an accent tile in a rectangular format, generally used as a linear design element. Arizona Tile offers listelles in several natural stones, including travertine, marble, porcelain, glass and limestone, as well as porcelain.

medallion is an accent piece that is often designed in a circular, oval, or octagonal pattern, but can be custom-made to any specification. Arizona Tile’s medallions are often composed of several types of natural materials which may include any combination of stone, porcelain, limestone, marble, and onyx.  Medallions can be mosaics, meaning they are a combination of many individual pieces of tiles, or they can be created by a water-jet cutter – both options providing different, and unique, visual interest to any space.

Listelles and medallions can be used to accent walls, floors, backsplashes, fireplaces, showers, swimming pools, hot tubs or spas. They are ideal for entry ways, kitchens, or any room in the house where you want to make a grand impression.

Listelles in the Bath

Listelles are a perfect choice for customizing a commercial or residential bathroom.  They are ideal for adding flair to shower walls and tub surrounds, but are also an excellent choice when transitioning a wall from tile to painted drywall. They create a stunning visual break when placed horizontally on a fully-tiled bathroom wall. View our photo gallery to see more examples of listelle tile work in the bath.

Listelles and Medallions in the Kitchen

If you are searching for the design that will make your kitchen like no other, count on the flattering effect of listelles in tile backsplashes or as part of wainscoting in an eating area. Medallions are a dramatic addition to a backsplash or wall. They turn an ordinary kitchen into a work of art.

Listelles and Medallions on Walls and Floors

Consider your walls and floors a canvas for tile art by arranging medallions and listelles in creative and beautiful patterns. Medallions can be strategically placed on a wall to simulate a hanging piece of art or when placed on the floor, can be the first thing a visitor sees when they enter a home or business. Visit our gallery to see the numerous ways listelles and medallions can enhance a space.

Easy to Install

Adding these special features to your tile project is simple! View our 4-minute listelle installation video to see how easy it is to install listelles above and below other natural stone pieces. Read our medallion product sheet for more detail about the medallions available at Arizona Tile.

Your imagination is the only limitation to what can be accomplished with natural stone medallions and listelles. Let these versatile stone pieces be your inspiration.

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