Arizona Tile Showroom Showcase: Sun Valley, California

Posted on Sep 7, 2013
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Featured Image Above: Arizona Tile Sun Valley Showroom

We spent a little time with Rachel Nammack, a Showroom Consultant in Sun Valley. She has some interesting insights to the designs that are trending in their area and shares how the staff at Arizona Tile in Sun Valley goes the extra mile and the customers really appreciate their effort.

Tell us a little bit about your Arizona Tile branch and what sets you apart from other tile stores in your area.

We have a great team at Arizona Tile in Sun Valley – a trait that makes Customer Service a simple task. Customers enjoy using our beautiful 50,000 SF Showroom/Indoor Slab Yard/Warehouse for their one-stop-shop to find everything they need for their tile or stone installation. We have a wide range of product lines – including glass, porcelain, marble, limestone, travertine, slate and quartzite tiles along with a tremendous selection of natural stone and Samsung Radianz quartz slabs. Designers and builders bring their clients to our showroom and homeowners work with our showroom staff to create beautiful designs. We have many displays in our showroom, but when our customers need a little extra help visualizing their products together, we turn to our Just Imagine tool, which is a useful tool both in the showroom and at home.

What type of product trends have you noticed lately within your area?

You just can’t go wrong with Grey these days. Large format, wood-lookglassstone…. Arizona Tile has been introducing items such as our Hampton Series, Africa, Shimmer…all in beautiful and current colors to appeal to designers and homeowners, alike.

Has anyone in your store received an excellent customer service recommendation from any customers?

This is from a recent customer: I have recently remodeled my Kitchen and bathrooms at my newly purchased house and during this process I have made several trips to Arizona Tile. While getting involved with such projects can be very stressful and time consuming, I experienced the BEST customer service while dealing with Rachel Nammack. She was always welcoming with a big smile and the best attitude no matter how busy she was. Rachel had very extensive knowledge of the products, which made my remodeling experience so much easier. What was also unique about Rachel was that she provided solutions to any obstacles we faced during the process and I felt that she really cared about me as a customer. I wanted to take the time to acknowledge what a wonderful employee and person she is, hoping that you as a management team acknowledge such exceptional talent and commitment by your employee. Rachel deserves the very best of what Arizona Tile can offer for its employees and I will definitely not seek product or services from anyone beside Rachel whenever possible. I appreciate the time you took from your busy schedule to read this and THANK YOU again for having Rachel as part of your team! – Bachar Eraifej And Mike C. had this to say on Yelp: We recently completed a whole house remodel and needed tile & granite for the kitchen and four bathrooms. We looked at showrooms all over the Valley and ended up buying from AZ Tile. You know right away when you enter the store that you’re going to have a good experience (the employees are customer service oriented and very well-trained and knowledgeable). The store is huge, there’s a showroom in front for all the tile, and there’s a warehouse in back that contains all of the granite slabs. They get product from all over the world, so there’s no shortage of choices.

We met with Patty Boggs; she’s one of their designers. Patty was able to quickly drill down to determine our tastes and style (even though we weren’t even sure what those were when we walked in the store). Anyone that has remodeled their home realizes that there are an infinite number of choices (colors, shapes, textures, types of material (man-made vs. natural, grout colors & thickness, etc., etc.). It’s really overwhelming, so we were lucky to have Patty patiently help us through this process.
Going back to my earlier comment about looking at many other tile/granite stores… Most were much smaller and cramped; the displays we’re propped on top of one another. More importantly, the workers seemed ‘slippery’ and we never felt like they cared about really helping us; it seemed like they just wanted to make a sale. AZ Tile was just the opposite, it has more of a ‘family’ feel. Again, they wanted us to be happy with our tile/granite choices.

The prices were very reasonable for the quality too. I recall my contractor saying that ‘you pay for quality once’, meaning if you take a short cut or skimp on certain materials, it will come back to haunt you…
𠊎veryone that comes to the house loves the tile and stone. I’m glad to see good, old-fashioned customer service, quality product at reasonable prices is still available in LA! Next time you’re in Sun Valley, California – be sure to stop in at Arizona Tile and let our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff help you design and find the tile style which fits your lifestyle, and your budget.

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