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A wall or floor that incorporates Basketweave Natural Stone Mosaics creates a breathtaking “how-did-they-do-that” reaction by everyone who sees the finished work.

What are Basketweave Mosaics?

Basketweave mosaics consist of multiple pieces of cut stone or tile, which are placed in a pattern to give the appearance of being interwoven,  a pattern typically seen in a basket or wicker chair. Arizona Tile’s basketweave mosaics are created from a variety of materials, including marble and travertine, and are available in six colors/patterns in a 12” x 12” mesh. They are available in honed, polished, or tumbled finishes.

Why do we love Basketweave Mosaics?

  • They provide depth and texture to any surface, especially kitchen backsplashes
  • They are available in different finishes to provide a polished, matte, or rustic texture
  • They are skid resistant and not slippery – an excellent choice for a bathroom or shower floor
  • They are durable enough for commercial projects
  • They are unique and beautiful!

How can I use Basketweave Mosaics in my next project?

Natural Stone Basketweave Mosaics are an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications including floors and walls, but are most commonly used in kitchen backsplashes. Great for adding sophistication to bathrooms, powder rooms, kitchens, hallways, and entranceways. They create depth and dimension particularly when used as a floor in large or small spaces. An excellent  choice for a wall relief in a shower, as a backsplash above a stove, or even as a focal point in a hallway or entranceway, especially when paired with a delicate border.

We invite you to look through our selection of basketweave mosaics to see what you can do with this amazing natural stone.

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