Beach Home Flooring Ideas: Do It Right the First Time

Posted on Aug 30, 2019
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Featured Image: Essence Mahogany Porcelain Tile Floor from Arizona Tile

The beach house of your dreams should have flooring that does it justice—it should not only complement your home’s style but also be durable enough to last through many vacation seasons to come. If you’re looking to install new floors in your beach home, investing in a durable flooring material from the start will ensure a long-lasting installation that remains beautiful and practical for many years.

Looking for inspiration to make your beach home floors spectacular? We’re here with a handful of our favorite ideas for beachy flooring that’s sure to last—and impress.

Image: Pietra Italia Beige Tile With R11 Anti-Slip Finish and Aequa Tur from Arizona Tile

Best Floors for a Beach House

Chances are, the floors of your beach home are likely to be exposed to water and sand on a regular basis. That means you’ll want a flooring option that’s water-resistant and easy to keep clean. Carpet and hardwood are probably not a good idea here, as they can be easily damaged by water, salt and sand.

But porcelain tile flooring is just about perfect for coastal living. Low-maintenance, water-resistant and uniquely hard and durable, porcelain and ceramic flooring is an ideal choice that’s low-effort but long-lasting. Hard and dense, it resists water absorption so you don’t have to worry about moisture damage.

Some porcelain tile can even be extended to your outdoor living spaces. If you have a patio behind your beach house, using tile that’s been certified as R11 Anti-Slip ensures a surface that won’t become too slippery when wet or sandy. Our growing variety of R11 Anti-Slip Finish porcelain is a great place to start—and it’s not a bad idea to use it on some interior floors of your home that are regularly wet, such as entryways or the mud room.

Beach-Style Tile Ideas

The best part of porcelain tile is its versatility when it comes to style and design. The perfect beach house needs a floor that captures the chic, airy, coastal style you love. Thankfully, there are plenty of colors, patterns and styles to choose from with porcelain and ceramic tile. Here are some of our most popular beach house flooring options:

Image: More Wood Grigio R11 Anti-Slip Finish Tile from Arizona Tile
  • More Wood: Wood-look porcelain is one of the most popular and trendy varieties of porcelain or ceramic tile, and for good reason. It offers timeless style while being much easier to clean and maintain than real hardwood. More Wood is one wood-look tile that’s perfect for beach homes. Choose from four colors and R11 Anti-Slip finish to suit your needs and style.
  • Pietra Italia: With a warm, classic limestone look, Pietra Italia mimics the smooth sands of the beach. It’s also available with R11 Anti-Slip finish.
  • Essence: Another trending wood-look porcelain tile, Essence features wide planks and a soft, aged finish ideal for giving your beach house a rustic yet chic vibe.
Image: Vetri Bronzo 4”x12” Glazed Porcelain Bathroom Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
  • Vetri: A stunning glass-look glazed porcelain with a sleek, elegant style, Vetri comes in several beachy hues that would provide a beautiful ambiance in the kitchen or bathroom of your coastal home.
Image: Kaplan Blanco Porcelain Bathroom Wall Tile and Kaplan Gris Glazed Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
  • Kaplan: This Spanish glazed porcelain tile offers three warm color options and a pattern that emulates natural travertine. If you love the look of real stone floors, Kaplan delivers undeniable style with minimal maintenance needs.

Picture your perfect beach house setting with Arizona Tile’s Just Imagine Visualizer.

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