Best Heat Resistant Kitchen Countertops

Posted on Mar 26, 2021
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Monte Cristo Satin Granite Kitchen Island Countertop from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Monte Cristo Satin Granite Kitchen Island Countertop from Arizona Tile

If you’re in the process of remodeling your kitchen, certainly, the countertop is one of your main areas of interest. A high-quality countertop not only gives the kitchen an aura of style and class, but it greatly enhances its functionality.

The kitchen is perhaps the busiest room in the home, with the countertop being the center of activity. Hence, you may want to go for a surface that offers the best promise of durability. Not only is this cost-effective in the long-run, but it goes a long way in maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

As part of a good countertop care regime, it’s always recommended to allow hot pots and pans to cool off on the stove/oven or set them on a trivet if you must get them off immediately. However, you still want a countertop that can hold up against such heat if you accidentally place scorching items on it.

There are several materials, natural and man-made, that fit the bill, but here is our list of best heat resistance countertops.

Meteor Shower Satin Granite Kitchen Island Countertop from Arizona Tile
Image: Meteor Shower Satin Granite Kitchen Island Countertop from Arizona Tile


Of course, you guessed right, granite is our top pick, and for good reason. Granite countertops are synonymous with heat resistance and durability. Though a high-end choice that was traditionally exclusive in luxury homes, it’s become a common option in many modern kitchens.

Granite is formed through a process that involves very high temperatures, hence its superb heat resistance. Placing a hot pan or pot straight from the oven won’t damage a granite countertop.

However, like any other solid matter, subjecting a small section of the countertop to high heat can cause expansion, while the rest of the surface retains the original temperature. The expansion and contraction of granite, or any countertop surface for that matter, is not as great of an issue than the wear of any sealant applied on the surface. Over time, this may weaken the structure, resulting in cracks. Hence, using a trivet will help keep the countertop looking great for long.

Nonetheless, granite’s durability and rich appearance are unmatched as it equally resists cuts and scratches pretty well.

Bertoli Quartz Kitchen Island Countertop from Arizona Tile
Image: Bertoli Quartz Kitchen Island Countertop from Arizona Tile


Quartz is another star in the kitchen and an excellent granite alternative and its heat resistance is equally great. Quartz countertop slabs are made from a combination of resin, quartz, and other minerals. It can be made to closely resemble granite or other popular stones but doesn’t require routine sealing and is often easier to maintain, which makes it ideal for those who want a rich looking countertop with less maintenance.

While quartz is highly durable there are still considerations to be made. You still need to avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on quartz, as this may result in a yellow tinted surface discoloration.

Churchill Soapstone Fireplace Surround and Hearth from Arizona Tile
Image: Churchill Soapstone Fireplace Surround and Hearth from Arizona Tile


Soapstone is a less common countertop material. It’s a natural stone with superb heat resistance making it perfect for a fireplace surrounds and hearths as well. Though it has a rich look, it’s no match for granite in terms of durability. It’s much softer, which makes it less resistant to cuts and scratches. However, if your soapstone countertop does become damaged, it will very likely require a professional to repair it and there then runs a risk the repaired section may look slightly different than the rest of the surface.

 Bianco Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile
Image: Bianco Carrara Marble Kitchen Countertop from Arizona Tile


Marble is a decently durable kitchen countertop material. It has a rich look that can help you achieve a tremendous aesthetic appeal. However, you may still need to keep your chopping board as the material isn’t quite tough against scratches and cuts and to prevent blades from becoming dull. Likewise, it holds up well against heat, but just like with granite, you should ensure you use a trivet to when setting hot pots and pans down in order to protect the sealant and enhance the stone’s durability.

Porcelain Tile

We can’t talk about heat-resistant kitchen surfaces and fail to mention porcelain. Though mostly used on floors, bathroom and kitchen walls, and fireplaces, porcelain also makes a great kitchen countertop material.

Porcelain has superb heat resistance compared to most options and also scores well in withstanding scratches. It can hold hot pots and pans without sustaining any damage to its structure.


As much as proper care is crucial to ensuring your kitchen countertop’s durability, having a high-quality working surface that will retain its aesthetic appeal for years despite rough use is a plus. No doubt that’s why getting the best heat-resistant countertop is top on your list of factors.

Arizona Tile has all of these countertop materials that are aesthetically appealing and heat resistant. From granite to quartz, soapstone, marble, porcelain tile, and many more, there are materials for every taste and budget.

If you’re ready to start shopping, stop into one of our locations and browse through our products. We cater to different tastes, styles, and budgets, so you can rest assured we have what you need. Alternatively, you can contact us with your specific requirements, and our team will happily customize your order to your preference. And if you’d like to see what a countertop surface will look like without leaving your home, check out our Just Imagine Visualizer tool.

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