Best Tile For Your Commercial Space

Posted on Mar 19, 2021
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Featured Image: Pietra Italia Beige R11 Anti-Slip Finish Entryway from Arizona Tile

Whether you’re designing a new commercial property or refurbishing an existing space, choosing the right tile is crucial. Commercial premises get lots of traffic, meaning the flooring must be sturdy and durable to support heavy use. At the same time, the aesthetic appeal of the business environment is necessary for creating a perfect impression on customers. Safety is also another critical consideration that you must factor in.

Finding and installing a tile that combines these features should be your priority as you weigh the different offerings available. We have compiled a list of the best tiles to consider for your commercial space and a rundown on some areas to install them.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is an affordable and durable option for both outdoor and indoor commercial spaces. It’s made from a combination of clay and other minerals, which are treated under very high temperatures, hence its hardness.

Your options include glazed and unglazed ceramic. Glazed ceramic is non-porous, which makes it highly moisture resistant. Besides, glazing can be done with an assortment of colors; hence, you have various choices to match your space’s decor. Unglazed ceramic is usually porous, but using a sealant can improve its moisture-resistance.

Image: Pietra Italia Grey Porcelain Tile with R11 Anti-Slip Finish Outdoor Dining Space from Arizona Tile

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is another durable and more versatile option that can fit in almost every space in your commercial premises. It’s treated under higher temperatures than ceramic, making it more durable. Porcelain tile is highly moisture-resistant, hence ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and other indoor or outdoor spaces that may attract moisture. Its ability to withstand scratches is unmatched, meaning it can retain its aesthetic appeal over a long period despite heavy traffic and use.

This tile comes in versatile designs and has a chic appearance that breathes an air of style into any space. Besides, it can be customized to fit the style of any commercial space and mimic different materials such as wood or stone etc.

Image: Opal White Marble Floor from Arizona Tile


Marble is also an excellent option for businesses keen on creating luxurious-looking interior decor. It’s durable and easy to maintain. However, its moisture-resistance isn’t as sound as porcelain, so its important to be sure its properly sealed.

Though quite versatile, marble may not be your best option for the bathroom and other spaces prone to excess moisture as it may stain more easily. But its rich texture will add an aura of sophistication to any space, so keep marble on your list for lounging areas and entryways to make a statement.

Tile Choice for Different Spaces

Every space in the commercial premises has unique tile requirements. Hence, the process may be a little more hectic than you anticipated. However, knowing what to look for for every space can make the process much easier. The most crucial factors to check out when evaluating a tile’s suitability include; its hardness, porosity, and slip resistance levels.

Image: Reside Ash 12″x24″ Porcelain R11 Anti-Slip Pool Deck Tile from Arizona Tile


When it comes to choosing a tile for your floors, safety is of utmost importance. It’s expected for tiles to get slippery when wet, so your floor option especially, the kitchen, entryway, pool etc., should have high slip-resistant properties. These areas also require highly non-porous materials to minimize staining. Similarly, go for a tile type with a high hardness rating, especially on flooring with heavy foot traffic.

With all of this in mind, we recommend porcelain and ceramic as your best options for the floor tile in a commercial space.

Image: Gioia Milk Glossy Wall and Backsplash Tile Porcelain from Arizona Tile

Wall Tile

Choosing a wall tile for the wet bar, bar backsplashes, and other wet spaces requires extra attention. Though you want to go for material, texture, and style that enhances your room’s aesthetic appeal, ensure it’s completely non-porous. Porcelain does exceptionally well in these areas, and it comes with a variety of designs and styles, so you’ll have your pick no matter the taste.

Staircase Tile and Slabs

The staircase is particularly one of the areas with the heaviest load bearing. Hence, the stair tile and slabs should be sturdy and durable enough to bear heavy use. The material should also have strong non-slip properties to avoid accidents. Again, porcelain and ceramic tile are great staircase choices.

Image: Metropolis Dark Quartz Bathroom Countertop from Arizona Tile


The bathroom in your commercial space should be attractive and functional. We recommend a sleek look for the bathroom countertops that is easy to clean and maintain. For the bathroom floors, we once again would use the slip-resistant R11 porcelain tile as it is also non-porous to avoid staining.


Entryways are a focal point; hence the decor here is crucial to creating a great impression. All the same, it’s essential to choose a tile with high slip resistance properties. It should also be non-porous to avoid staining. This area gets more traffic than most other spaces, so the material should have a high hardness rating for durability. Textured porcelain, ceramic, and marble all offer excellent options for luxurious-looking entryways.


Choosing a tile for a commercial property requires striking a balance between affordability, durability, aesthetic appeal, and safety. Though it may sound like a lot to consider, we offer a full line of superior tile designs that bear these qualities. Stop into one of our locations today and we’ll help you choose a best tile types for various public spaces.

If you’re wondering where to begin your search, we have various commercial tiles for every space and style. Contact us for more information or visit our Just Imagine Visualizer to see what your business would look like with a fresh infusion of tile.

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