Bring a Verdant Feel with Green Kitchen Tile

Posted on Sep 23, 2022
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solid-Thyme-on-the-wall.webpFeatured Image: Geo 2-Thyme Glass Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

When it comes to design, green is a beautiful, natural color choice for any room of the home. If you’re remodeling a space with fresh tile, this may be the perfect color choice for you. . From pale seafoam to rich emerald and forest tones, this hue offers a range of shades that each elicit a different emotional response and evoke a unique ambiance. Most green tile shades can be used to give a design a fresh, peaceful, and organic feel.

Commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, green tile brings to mind the verdant colors of the natural world, evoking a feeling that rich vegetation is all around you. Looking for some inspiration for your space? Check out these ideas for incorporating fresh green tile looks in your next project.

_JFP0402-plain.webpImage: Gioia Avocado Porcelain Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile

Dark Green Backsplash

Unexpected and bold, dark green tile like Gioia Avocado can bring richness and depth to a modern kitchen backsplash. Beautifully complimented by a lighter shade in the same series, Aqua,  this sleek and unique two-tone backsplash features a glossy finish to add visual interest to a once bare wall. A perfectly vibrant update to the classic subway tile backsplash, Gioia is sure to make a memorable impression.

Cementine-Evo-1_16-Pieces.webpImage: Cementine Evo 1 Patterned Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

Green Patterned Tile

A patterned tile is always a great opportunity for adding color and visual texture to your space.  And incorporating shades of green into your design gives a fresh and lively, natural quality to walls, floors and backsplashes. Cementine Evo is a  porcelain series that has several green patterned options to choose from. Retro-inspired, it has geometric and organic shapes that make an impact no matter where you use it.

Harmonie-verse-on-the-back-wall-_EDIT.webpImage: Geo 2 Harmonie Glass Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Green Glass Tile

Chic and modern, Geo 2 is available in a range of geometric patterns and five solid color options, including several green-hued choices. This beautiful tile offers subtle yet intricate designs that are the perfect way to include a pop of sage green in your space. Something to note, this series is created from recycled glass that is ground to fine powder and molded under extreme pressure and heat.

Install-8-2019.webpImage: Vetri Naturale Glazed Porcelain Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Subtle Green Tile

Vetri is a sleek and stunning glazed porcelain tile that offers the perfect way to use green in a subtle way.  Available in five soft colors including Naturale, a pale green shade, Vetri offers a calm and peaceful aesthetic. This tile features a unique edge design that’s tinted a darker color for the illusion of a hand-made edge that mimics glass. Use this tile to add interest, shine, and a bit of color to a neutral room design for a subtle and sophisticated result.

Metropole-midtown-on-the-floorBisou-dawn-on-the-floor-2-_EDIT.webpImage: Geo 2 Metro Midtown Glass Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Green Floor Tile

Geo 2 is also an excellent choice for green floor tile. With a subtle pattern that offers detail without being too busy, Geo 2 Metro Midtown is a perfect example of using a small amount of color for a striking effect. Contemporary and on-trend, this matte glass tile is a stylish and innovative choice for beautiful tile flooring in your home. Also, this full-bodied product is colored with inert natural minerals and enamel, making it immune from fading or discoloration.

Searching for more green tile inspiration and ideas? At Arizona Tile, our team of experts is always available for a consultation to help you find what you’re looking for. Discover your favorite tile and stone products in person at one of our locations, or explore our Just Imagine Visualizer to see how they will look in your space before you commit. Check out our Online Slab Yard to find the piece you need at the location closest to you.

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