Bringing the Inside Out with Outdoor Tile

Posted on Jul 25, 2014
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Featured Image: Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

One of the fastest ways to optimize your home’s real estate is by expanding your living space to include the outside. Unlike a renovation project that involves adding rooms, this type of exciting venture merely transforms the outdoors into a livable area. Consequently, you can use your front, side or back yard as an extension of your residence, maximizing the value of your property and giving your family the ideal place to play, rest or even work!

Of course, there is a trick to ensuring an unfettered flow from the interior of your abode to the exterior. After all, the transition needs to be seamless, rather than abrupt, for maximum visual and functional impact. Thus, it is important to properly choose and position the right outdoor tile to achieve your intended goals.

Streamline the View with Outdoor Tile that Extends through the Doorway

If you’re going to be creating a walkout to your patio area, why not make use of an indoor/outdoor tile like the color body porcelain Dome Series? This tile comes in earthy tones, making it a natural choice for individuals who want to create a “flow” from inside to outside. Begin placing the Dome Series tile pieces on the floor in the room that will lead to the outdoor living space, and then continue the tiling. As a result, your outside area will immediately seem aesthetically connected to your home’s interior.

Mimic Nature with Outdoor Tile That’s Highly Resistant to Weather

One aspect of bringing the inside out-of-doors that has to be addressed is climate fluctuations. Thus, the outdoor tile used to create a unique living place should be resistant to heat and cold, as well as common forms of precipitation. The Slate Series is resilient in this way, and mimics the natural look and feel of slate. However, because it is created from porcelain, it is extremely durable. This enables a garden terrace or uncovered patio to have a pleasurable living space feel without a tremendous amount of upkeep.

Over Series Porcelain Tile

Create a Look That’s Stunningly Unique

Another method of turning an outside space into a veritable paradise is to treat it as a room to be completely and uniquely decorated. Start with the flooring, which may be well-suited to an outdoor tile like the Over Series, which comes in bold patterns. Use the patterns as a base for a fun or funky outside room to enjoy cocktails before dinner, entertain friends in a cozy setting or just relax under the stars.

Use your imagination and expand the places in which you and your family live. Who knows? You may just discover that your outdoor living area is your favorite “room” in the house!

Before you get started, try out our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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