Featured Image: Cladded Tile from Arizona Tile

There’s something fun and fresh about giving your house a little makeover… and a lot of curb appeal. Cladding is an excellent option for those who want to give their home or other building a new look and new life. The extra bonus with cladding is that it can also save you money when it comes to electricity, by providing more insulation.

What is Cladding?

Cladding is the result of applying a layer of material on top of an existing external surface to provide additional insulation, weather resistance, insulation from noise and extra thermal protection against the elements. It is most often used on the exterior of buildings, homes, sheds and other structures. While not waterproof, it controls water run-off from rain and snow, and will also diminish the effects of strong winds. Cladding is also aesthetically pleasing, which brings us to…

Cladding Ideas

Trending among homeowners, homebuyers and architects is contemporary architecture with clean lines, simple ideas and excellent curb appeal. Cladding falls into this category beautifully and will really add a fresh look to your home. Here are five of our favorite cladding ideas for your outdoor project:

Image: Sav Wood Iroko Porcelain from Arizona Tile

#1: Contemporary Vertical Wood Planks

Planks are frequently used in vertical horizontal arrangements in cladding projects. With an emphasis on more natural appearances, a dark wood can add gravity, depth and a modern, rustic appearance.

#2: What’s Your Angle

Combining both horizontal and vertical cladding in one project can add a fun, unique and innovative dimension to your home or other structure. In planning your angles, the lines of the cladding should complement the lines of the building.

Image: Cementine Posa Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

#3: Mix and Match Materials

Say goodbye to flat and hello to dimensions. When it comes to cladding materials, the options are endless: composite panels, graniteporcelain, rain screen cladding panels, cement, wood and other materials can be used for your cladding project. Mixing and matching different materials will show contrast, add depth and tone, and can change the overall visual perspective of the structure.

#4: Modernization

Have a historic building that you’d like to spruce up with a modern twist? An excellent choice is to choose cladding that is a different material from the building’s and juxtapose the two together. If your building is stone, use real wood cladding; if your home is made with wood, try a cement cladding. By working with the old and adding in the new so they complement on another, this creates an “old to new” transition.

Image: Fusion Piombo Tile made from Recycled Material from Arizona Tile

#5: Window Cladding

If you love your windows and want to bring more focus to them, window cladding is not only ideal, but it will give your home a new level of style and will definitely be a conversation piece at the next neighborhood cookout. When cladding your windows, opt for a different material than the house for more emphasis.

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