Classic Tile Neutrals That Last

Posted on Jul 19, 2014
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Featured Image: Sandstone Light Grey Porcelain

There are some patterns and designs which seem to never go out of style. Interestingly, it is the same with colors, especially neutral shades. Perhaps it’s the earthy colors such as ecru, rust, and mocha simply resonate on a very primal level. Maybe it’s merely how neutrals look fabulous with almost any type of décor. Whatever the reason, if you’re redesigning a powder room, atrium, patio or kitchen, you cannot go wrong with neutral tile choices.

Subway Tiles: Historically Beautiful, Always Robust

One of the first types of neutral tile designs and material that can be seen in residences and commercial spaces is the forever-classic subway tile. Traditionally, these patterns were used during the Art Deco period in New York City’s subways, hence the moniker.

Bianco Carrara Natural Stone Marble

Today, you can easily recreate a subway backsplash or tiled wall using a product from the ceramic Subway Series. White is the traditional choice, but we offer this Series in black and cream also. These can be mixed and matched to add flair to any project.

Natural Stone: The Gateway to Bygone Classical Periods

For those seeking a look that lifts their neutral tile to center stage, marble makes an elegant choice. White on white certainly never seems to lose its appeal and has a calming effect. For example, Bianco Carrara comes from stone quarried in Italy and is used for floors, walls, countertops – almost anywhere you want. Featuring delicate veining, this marble projects an air of opulence without boldness. In terms of neutrality, its understated appeal is evident from the moment it is installed.

Porcelain: Perfectly Suited for Neutral, Modern Palettes

Spaces that feature neutral palettes do well with porcelain tiles like those from the Sandstone Porcelain Tile Series. The natural ambiance of this tile line’s offerings makes any space look sleek and modern. Additionally, the series comes in a variety of shades that have been created to accentuate contemporary designs. The look is clean and sleek – exactly the type of style that has stuck around for decades.

Sandstone Series Porcelain Tile

Chances are good that neutrals will never lose their popularity thanks to their versatility. It certainly makes sense to choose neutral colors for walls and floors so you can change out trendy, less expensive accessories to keep your room looking fresh and updated. That’s a great reason to start any redo with neutral tile.

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