Color Trends for the Residential Kitchen

Posted on Aug 29, 2012
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Recently we shared the latest color trends in commercial interior design. This week we are focusing on color trends in residential interior design – specifically for the kitchen. It’s always fun to see color used in new ways, and what we are seeing in 2012 is no exception!

Residential Kitchen Color Trends

Although black, white and stainless have been the classic standard recently, it’s time to throw some color into the mix. Exciting new selections in glass tiles, countertops and paint palettes create inviting spaces for cooking and entertaining. According to HGTV, the trend in kitchen design is to combine several colors to create a powerful depth and personality. Their designers recommend taking a traditional color like green and accenting it with something unusual like pink. Choose a muted tone for the walls and install a glass or tile backsplash or natural stone countertop with vibrant contrasting colors like red, yellow, or bright green.

Here we highlight a few of our products that will bring color into your kitchen.

Reflections Glass

Reflections Glass tiles provide the vibrant color and variety to complement every style of cabinetry and appliances in the kitchen. Made of high quality, heavy duty glass, it can handle kitchen traffic and repeated cleaning without losing its luster, shine, or color. We carry Reflections Glass in 6 colorful styles that will pull pink, yellow, blue, green or red into your kitchen.


Designed for high-traffic commercial applications, Unicolore is a through body porcelain tile that’s available in a rainbow of colors including bright ocra, violet, rose, green and blue. Use Unicolore tiles to add color to walls or floors either as a main color or an accent. Its durability is an added bonus for high-traffic kitchen areas. As a special order item, minimum quantities are required.

Skylights and Skylights II Glass

Glass tiles are popular in 2012 for a reason! Skylights Glass and Skylights II Glass provide a modern yet retro feel in a crisp, clean design. They create an instant color palette so homeowners can quickly add complimentary design touches without overthinking their color scheme. Skylights and Skylights II Glass tiles are available in solid colors such as Russet and Indigo as well as colorful patterns, including Jewel Melange, and Cosmopolitan Melange (shown in the backsplash photo here).

Have a color in mind? Use our product finder to quickly see Arizona Tile’s full selection of colorful tile, natural stone, and glass for your new kitchen. Or contact us for further recommendations on how to use Arizona Tile products to bring colorful accents to your home.

Have you created an amazing space with our products? We invite you to share photos of your finished project. We may even showcase your work here in a future blog post!

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