Colored Faucets, Sinks and Appliances, Oh My!

Posted on Apr 28, 2017
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Colored Kitchen Tile
Featured Image: Colored Kitchen Tile

One of the recent trends in home design is adding pops of color in your kitchen and bathroom with colorful faucets, sinks and appliances. This new trend is distinctive, bold and oh-so-fun, and breathes personality and life into rooms that can sometimes lack it. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to bring more life into your home with bathroom and kitchen appliance colors.

Retro Touches – If you love a retro look, bring the 1950s or ‘60s to your kitchen in a contemporary way. Add some pizzazz with appliances in a classic color, such as avocado, aqua, bright red or buttercup yellow. Coordinate your fridge or range with a matching colored faucet or even a farm sink in your favorite throwback hue. A checkerboard patterned floor and subway tile backsplash are the perfect cherries on top of your retro kitchen cake.

Satin Brass Colored Faucet
Image: Satin Brass Colored Faucet

Satin Brass – Satin metals are taking the trend spotlight this year, and brass is an increasingly popular choice. Faucets and sinks with a satin or brushed look can create a subtle and elegant look in your kitchen or bathroom. Kitchen appliances with a brushed finish, rather than a traditionally reflective look, can transform the space into something more modern and chic.

Colored Bathroom Sink
Image: Colored Bathroom Sink

Accent Sinks – If you like the thought of doing something unexpected with your home design, why not try a colored bathroom or kitchen sink? Rather than opting for the traditional white bowl sink in the bathroom or the stainless steel double sink in the kitchen, choose something bold and unique. A sky blue or butter yellow farm sink is a beautiful and cheerful way to brighten up an all-white kitchen. Go a little retro with a blue, green or even pink pedestal sink to add a pop of color in your bathroom.

Bright Faucets – Add some serious personality to your kitchen in a simple way by swapping out your metal-finish faucet for a bolder option. Some colored faucet brands offer a lineup of faucets with fun, colorful hoses; choose your favorite from a rainbow of popular options, including spring green, navy blue, hot pink and orange.

Rose Gold – Rose gold or copper is the perfect accent color for a predominantly white or charcoal gray kitchen. This unique metallic hue also pairs well with soft greens and blues. Give your space a trendy and warm feel by adding a rose gold faucet, cabinet hardware and lighting fixtures. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with a copper-toned range or bar stools to tie everything together in a bright and shiny way.

From red faucet hoses to aqua-hued refrigerators, there are plenty of trendy ways to get colorful with your kitchen or bathroom design. Mix and match these ideas to design a room that’s truly bright and delightfully unexpected.

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