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Posted on Jun 25, 2021
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Essence Mahogany Wood-look Living Room Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona TileFeatured Image: Essence Mahogany Wood-look Living Room Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Essence porcelain tile is a rapidly growing trend inside modern homes. This tile is made to emulate the timeless aesthetic of hardwood flooring by replicating the trademark grain pattern of natural wood. This encapsulates the authentic, organic feel that many renovating homeowners want to bring into their spaces, without the hassle of hardwood.

This tile works in any room, highlight your designs, and uplift any home. When deciding to bring essence tile into your design, consider the many ways it enhances a renovation. 

Essence Grey Wood-look Porcelain Living Room Floor Tile from Arizona TileImage: Essence Grey Wood-look Porcelain Living Room Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

A Match For Every Room

Our Essence Series comes in a range of four different natural shades. Compromised of earthy tones, this tile can be incorporated into any space to complement the design. These shades can play into any color scheme you’ve chosen. Bright, vibrant-colored palettes pair well with the lightest tone, Essence Cream. The soft light tone of the flooring rounds out the other energetic colors in the space and creates one cohesive look.

For cool, muted spaces, Essence Grey ties in perfectly. The classic Mahogany and Brown shades thrive inside any room. Their neutral colors can be added to any renovation to finish a space without altering the aesthetic you’ve created. Renovators looking to bring in color schemes with depth will find that the Essence Tile Series makes a great neutral base to work from.

Accent walls are also enhanced with this tile series. The tile creates a balancing effect that finishes the room and brings an inviting quality. Other room features, like a backsplash, countertops, or appliances, can also be color-matched with ease. The two lighter tones pair with steel appliances and gray-tone backsplash. The deeper browns can complement any color appliance or backsplash. Versatility is one of the many benefits of this tile. 

Essence Cream 8”x48” Wood-Look Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Essence Cream 8”x48” Wood-Look Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Highlighting Furniture

This tile has a soft grain texture, identical to real wood, and each set has natural pattern variations to better reflect real wood planks. This brings an authentic, grounded feel to your home. Essence tile can also help to highlight other wooden items in your space. Wooden furniture pieces are durable, natural, and an asset to any design. When paired with this flooring, they can elevate your space. The continuation of the grain motif from the furniture to the floor creates a cohesive, welcoming feel. 

Natural patterns within the decor also augment the Essence Series. Wooden decor pieces carry the grain pattern throughout different heights of the room and tie the entire space together. Other natural patterns also add to the room feel. Floral wallpapers, art, and decor match the rustic wood look well. Further nature pieces, like landscape artworks, can also be incorporated nicely.  This tile will pair with any other woodsy design, and its delicate pattern enhances the pieces around it to expand that rustic feel.

Essence Brown Wood-look Porcelain Living Room Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Essence Brown Wood-look Porcelain Living Room Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

How Does Essence Tile Compare to Hardwood?

Essence tile is a great hardwood alternative, and have a clear advantage in maintenance and endurance. When deciding which flooring to incorporate into your home, consider the many ways in which the two materials compare.


The essence tile is crafted from porcelain, but patterned to capture the grain textures of natural hardwood. Cut into planks and laid at an offset, this floor tile brings the same feel into your space as hardwood. The largest difference is in the surface feel, as porcelain tile is completely smooth, and wood can have natural variations. 


Both hardwood and tile need very little day-to-day upkeep. However, hardwood can require costly refinishing after some time. This involves sanding down the wood to remove any scratches or scuff and then resealing the floor. Refinishing is needed every few years to keep the floors fresh. As a porcelain material, our essence tile has no long-term maintenance demands. 


Hardwood, while a sturdy material, gets scratched easily. Some color woods may show damage very obviously. It is also incredibly absorbent, even with sealing. Spills can be harmful, and the wood may warp or stain with use over time. Porcelain tile, however, is incredibly durable. It is very resistant to damage and hard to scratch. The material also does not absorb liquids.


Hardwood has a long lifespan but wears with age. The look of worn wood may not appeal to all homeowners and proper upkeep is costly. Essence tile, on the other hand, can last for decades. It brings the same look as hardwood, but is easier to maintain, more durable and lasting, and more cost-efficient.

If you’re ready to start renovating your home, contact us at Arizona Tile today. Our experienced team will help you install the essence tile, or any other selection, in your home with ease. Our design tools also help you find your nearest location and visualize our tile in your space. Once you’ve found the tile you love, let us help you take it home.

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