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Featured Image: Shimmer Abalone Glass Tile Mosaic

A tile feature wall is a wonderful way to add personality and style to any living space. Whether in a kitchen, bathroom, hallway or other area in your home, a tile wall is a simple yet stunning design that can bring an otherwise dull space to life without being overpowering. With a feature wall, you can experiment with different design elements to create a truly customized and unique point of interest in a room. You may consider mixing multiple tile finishes to create texture, using different tile sizes to add variety or incorporating various colors for more visual appeal. Keep in mind that, in a given room, tile feature wall designs work especially well on walls that naturally attract more attention compared to other walls in the room. For example, a wall that you face in a living area is a better choice than a wall you will have your back toward most of the time. Here are some ideas for different spaces that are particularly suited to having a tile feature wall.


In the bathroom, common spaces for a tile feature wall are near the bathtub or behind a vanity. Since bathrooms are typically smaller spaces, a tile feature wall is a great way to add some visual appeal without cluttering the room.Shimmer Glass Tile Feature Wall


Backsplashes often become the feature wall in kitchens as they add style while also serving a practical purpose. A cozy breakfast nook is another perfect place for a mosaic tile feature wall as it can make the space even more inviting.  Cemetine Porcelain Tile Wall Feature

Living Rooms

Creating a feature wall around a distinct part of your living room, such as a fireplace or a unique piece of furniture, will draw attention to the area and establish a focal point in the room. A wall behind a television is also a great place for adding flair and visual appeal to what may be an uninspired space.Secil White 3D Mesh Travertine Stack Tiles

Ready for a Test Drive?

Have a wall that you think would be perfect for a tile focal point?  Check out the Arizona Tile Just Imagine Design app!  It’s fun, free, and oh so easy to use.  Just load up a picture of the wall you would love to modify into the app and apply the colors, textures, and designs.  You can instantly see how that new tile feature can appear before you stop by and talk to our trained consultants.Just Imagine Tile Visualizer Design Tool Whether you wish to create a dramatic feature wall in your living room or a more functional one in your kitchen, Arizona Tile can help. For more information, drop by one of our Arizona Tile locations. Our professionally trained design consultants will answer any questions you have and help you find the perfect inspiration to create an awesome feature tile wall for your home or business.

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