Dena Thomas has had a long career in interior design, spanning 26 years and counting. Her story began when she was trying to decorate her own home years ago. She wanted to hire a designer, but couldn’t fit one into her budget. She decided to educate herself on the principles of interior design. Now, 26 years later, she makes it her mission to help others who have budget constraints. She wants to allow her clients to have timeless and practical designs without breaking the bank, believing the world of design should be for everyone. She also has an in-house workroom where she custom-makes some of the items she puts in her clients’ homes.

We hope you enjoy her recent project below, and you can visit Dena’s website or facebook page to view more projects and get design inspiration.

Project background

Seating area and newly remodeled kitchen using Arizona Tile - Dena Thomas Designs

This project involved a complete residential home remodel in a contemporary, urban style. Dena said that the homeowner thought outside the box for their desired home. She and her client worked together to create a unique style. While it may not be for everyone, it certainly led to a beautiful end result.

Living Room limestone fireplace

In the living room, Dena and her client decided to utilize a stunning glass-encased fireplace as the centerpiece of the room. Surrounding the fireplace, she used Classic Limestone Combed tile. Due to the dark color profile against the white walls, this added a degree of contrast that perfectly fit the modern theme. The wooden panels near the fireplace added warmth to the space and created a unique color profile with the white and dark gray.

Fireplace with classic combed limestone - Dena Thomas Designs using Arizona Tile

Kitchen Quartz

For the kitchen, Dena and her client decided to use Bertoli Quartz (Della Terra®) countertops. Bertoli countertops contain white and gray details that resemble marble. This gives the countertop a luxurious look while being more affordable than marble. The durability of quartz also works well in kitchens, fitting Dena’s vision of practical design. The color profile in this room offers a sense of cohesion with the rest of the house, with a continued focus on white with hints of dark gray, and warm brown colors in the wooden cupboard and furniture.

Side wrapped bertoli quartz island in newly remodeled kitchen - Dena Thomas Designs using Arizona Tile
Seating area and newly remodeled kitchen using Arizona Tile - Dena Thomas Designs
White bertoli quartz countertop with cupboards - Dena Thomas Designs using Arizona Tile

Master Bathroom Porcelain

In the master bathroom, Dena decided to feature a variety of Arizona Tile products and styles, making it unique. For the flooring, she used Konkrete Bianco porcelain tile. This series complements the Bertoli quartz countertops and white cabinets. For the shower flooring, she used the Flat Pebble Warm Blend. These natural stone pebbles added a varied and unique look to the shower.  Against the Shibusa Tortora porcelain tile along the wall, they offer a sense of contrast and warmth that characterize other rooms in the house.

Bathroom shower with shibusa tortora porcelain tile wall - Dena Thomas Designs using Arizona Tile

Powder Room 3D Tile

The powder room was an especially unique design thanks to the addition of 3D Twist ceramic wall tile. This tile contributed texture and multi-dimensionality to the design and offered a more contemporary look compared to the rest of the project. Also, the tile color offered contrast against the wall’s dark color palette.

Powder Room with shower and 3D twist ceramic wall tile - Dena Thomas Designs using Arizona Tile

Why Arizona TIle?

Dena chose Arizona Tile for this project for a few reasons. She said Arizona Tile products are up-to-date, and they are always adding new products to the catalog. This allows her to achieve a unique and varied design profile, which was perfect for this project. She also considers Arizona Tile a one-stop shop for her and her clients due to the wide selection. Overall, the products she used for this project allowed her to achieve a modern and clean look without going over-budget.

If you’d like to use Arizona Tile to make your interior design dreams come true, feel free to contact us or stop by one of our locations today. Our top-notch and friendly staff would love to help you make selections that are both stylish and suit your budget.

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