Design Ideas for White Kitchens

Posted on Feb 11, 2016
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Featured Image: White Kitchen with Bianco Venatino Marble Slabs

If you just love white kitchens, you’re not alone! Whether completely white or dressed up with a touch of color, white kitchens provide a clean, crisp, look for kitchens that win homeowners over time and time again.

The design ideas below are just a few of the great ways to add character and personalization to your white kitchen.

Splashes of Color

A white kitchen is truly a beautiful canvas to work off of, making adding splashes of color here and there easy to do. For example, a blue tile backsplash will bring a soothing touch, while pops of red tile will create a fun, playful look. There are many colors that work wonderfully with white, allowing you to create a stylish kitchen you love walking into.

Skylights Cosmopolitan Mélange

Using Flooring as a Contrast

Another gorgeous design for all white kitchens is to use a contrasting tile on the floor. Black tile floors provide a chic, modern look amidst white, while wood-look tile floors provide a more subtle, but just as rich and dramatic, contrast.

White Kitchen with AZT Special Order Metalwood Piombo

Geometric Tile

To create a contemporary twist on the traditional white-on-white kitchen, use geometric patterns. Think of using colorful tiled patterns, such as the amazing ones in our Cementine Series, for a backsplash, to design unique floors and walls, or to create an eye-catching border.

Cementine Posa 4 and Posa 5

Black or Stainless Steel Combinations

Both white and black tile designs, as well as white and stainless steel ones, keep the overall look of a kitchen simple while adding a relaxed sophistication.

Consider black and white subway tiles, laid diagonally for enhanced visual appeal throughout the kitchen, or stainless steel mosaics for walls or backsplashes to perfectly complement an otherwise all white kitchen.

Stainless Steel Brick Mosaics

To discuss these and other design ideas for a white kitchen, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to see our tile products and speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

To see what your white kitchen remodel could look like using our materials check out our Just Imagine Visualizer. You can apply materials to the pre-loaded images, or upload an image of your own!

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