Digital Technology Creates Porcelain Tile with the Look of Natural Stone

Posted on Jul 24, 2012
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Advancements in digital inkjet technology have created three new color body porcelains that Arizona Tile is proud to showcase: the Eternal Limestones Series, the Nu Travertine Series, and the Slate Series. These digitally produced and perfectly balanced blends of natural stone create a visually pleasing and functional porcelain tile that portrays a near replica of actual limestone, travertine and slate. The creation process of these products is fascinating!

  1. Pieces of natural stone are digitally scanned
  2. The images are perfectly blended for balance and a natural pattern on the face of the image
  3. The image is printed through inkjet technology onto the surface of the porcelain tile
  4. The result is a natural stone look that’s easy to care for!

Eternal Limestones Series

Arizona Tile’s Eternal Limestones Series recreates the beauty and color variation of natural limestone, even depicting what appear to be fossils and shell remnants throughout the tile. This line displays clean, rectified edges which will allow narrower grout joints and give the illusion of an uninterrupted honed surface. Eternal Limestones is made in the USA and contains 21% pre-consumer recycled content, is offered in three colors and two sizes, and includes a surface bullnose. Resilient enough for residential and commercial use, Eternal Limestones can be used in a variety of interior and exterior applications including floors, walls, vanities, and fireplaces. See our Eternal Limestones specifications sheet for more details.

Nu Travertine Series

Our Nu Travertine Series is manufactured with 40% pre-consumer recycled content, comes in three sizes with a surface bullnose included, and interprets natural travertine in three earth-toned hues. Nu Travertine tiles are available in three sizes and can be purchased in a matte finish with a natural edge or a polished finish with a rectified edge. Useful for interior or exterior projects, Nu Travertine porcelain tiles are durable and easy to maintain – perfect for countertops, tub surrounds, showers, backsplashes, and even floors and walls. For recommended applications and product details, see our Nu Travertine specification sheet.

Slate Series

The high tonal contrasts of the Slate Series imitate the exceptional qualities of natural slate. Available in three eye catching graphic colors, the inkjet digital technology gives these porcelain tiles a dynamic individual character that is strikingly similar to natural slate.  This line is available in two sizes and includes a surface bullnose.  Strong enough for commercial and residential uses, this exceptional color body porcelain is an excellent choice for commercial and residential walls, floors, fireplaces, vanities, and showers. Our Slate Series spec sheet provides size, color and installation details.

Want to learn more? Visit one of our showrooms to see a sample of digital technology in action. Compare one of our color body porcelains to natural stone. You will be amazed!

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