Featured Image: Arizona Tile Digitalart Pattern

When you first experience the visual delight that is Digitalart Porcelain, you’ll be absolutely amazed. You’ll probably linger a bit to take in the unique design elements and admire every aspect of it. And you’ll likely wonder exactly what it is you’re looking at. Tile? Fabric? Can it possibly be both?

The Wonder of Digitalart Porcelain

Arizona Tile Digitalart Mix Porcelain Tile

Well, yes and no. Digitalart is a rectified color body porcelain that gives the appearance of a fabric and has a rich texture. It’s an absolutely stunning product with an aesthetic you would expect to find in the fashion industry. 

Through digital print technology, various textures, patterns, graphics, and colors are combined to create fascinating designs. The end result is always a truly distinct and striking look. 

Versatile Design Options

Arizona Tile Digitalart Bianco and Grey Install

With six beautiful color choices (five solid colors and one Mix Deco), the products in our Digitalart Porcelain Series are perfectly suited to just about any space – interior, exterior, commercial, or residential.

No matter where you place it, Digitalart Porcelain makes for some of the most eye-catching decor to be found, making a bold and beautiful impression.

And, since this material is a porcelain product, minimal maintenance is required. If there were ever a dream product, we think this would be it!

For more information about Digitalart Porcelain, check out our video and product information sheet.

Please also feel free to stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants and learn more about this amazing product.

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