Discover Blue Coastal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Inspired by the Ocean

Posted on Aug 27, 2021
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Flash Light Blue 5” x 5” Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Flash Light Blue 5” x 5” Ceramic Kitchen Backsplash Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

During stressful days, there’s nothing more alluring than the beach. With the combination of calming colors, the ocean breeze in your hair, and the relaxing atmosphere, a sandy beach provides the perfect peaceful retreat. Even if you live nowhere near a beach, you can bring a piece of paradise into your living space with coastal tile. With the help of a blue tile backsplash, you can mimic the ocean’s colors and textures. A coastal backsplash will give your kitchen a tranquil vibe and a splash of color.

Ijen Blue Quartzite Kitchen Countertop with Flash White Ceramic Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile
Image: Ijen Blue Quartzite Kitchen Countertop with Flash White Ceramic Tile Backsplash from Arizona Tile

What Is Coastal Tile

Coastal tile uses the beach and ocean as inspiration. Just like a beach, the coastal color scheme typically includes blues, seafoam green, and beige. Not only are the colors similar to the beach, but the textures, tones, and variations of tile also perfectly emulate the mesmerizing yet unpredictable nature of ocean waves. 

Coastal tile can fit in with many styles, depending on the specific tile selection and the other design elements in the room. For a classic and modern kitchen that hints at the ocean’s color scheme, pair a blue tile backsplash with clean white countertops and cabinets. If you want a more playful look with rustic charm, you can pair white ceramic tile with a distressed beige wood-look tile floor and a stunning blue quartzite countertop, like the Ijen Blue quartzite that looks like marble.

Flash Cobalt 5” x 5” Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Flash Cobalt 5” x 5” Ceramic Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Coastal Tile Ideas in Dreamy Shades of Blue

When you think of the ocean, there are many gorgeous shades of blue that come to mind. From a shimmering light blue over white sands to the rich deep blue shade at twilight, the ocean is filled with inspiring colors. Here are a few blue coastal tile ideas for your home:


While turquoise describes the ocean in the daytime, cobalt perfectly captures the ocean’s color at dusk. Cobalt is a sophisticated shade of blue that adds richness to the coastal color scheme. This pigmented blue pairs well with dark greens and beige for an elevated yet still beachy kitchen backsplash.

To create this look, check out the cobalt shade in the ceramic Flash tile series. Just like hand-crafted tile, Flash tile have slight color and texture variations. With the small variations and the slightly textured surface, this blue tile is reminiscent of rippling ocean waves. The softly glazed surface playfully shimmers in the light. 

Sky Blue Marble Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Sky Blue Marble Bathroom Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Sky Blue

Part of a beach’s appeal is the mesmerizing blue sky. Bring this serene, calming color into your home through your tile selection. The Sky Blue marble in the Completa Series is truly unique. With scattered white details and a subtle sky blue hue, this marble tile looks like a seaside sky on a breezy day. The natural stone lines and textures capture the look of clouds moving through the sky on a beautiful day at the beach. With its elegant subtlety, this natural stone tile is a versatile staple in coastal homes. Use one of its intricate mesh tile designs for a backsplash or a beautiful sky blue marble floor. 

Deep Blue

Imagine what the ocean looks like with a full moon reflecting off its surface. This stunning deep blue color is another great option for your coastal backsplash. It’s slightly mysterious and sultry, like standing on a breezy pier in the moonlight. Deep Blue Natural Stone marble has a bold blue hue that makes a statement in any space. It comes in many tile patterns, so you can choose which is right for your kitchen. It also complements a variety of colors and textures, including wood, ceramic, glass, or fabric elements that liven up your kitchen. 

Light Blue 

Coastal kitchens create a happy atmosphere through the playful use of bright ocean colors. Light blue looks beautiful with seafoam green for a light, airy look;  or mix this soft shade with a deeper blue to balance out dark blue’s richness. If you want to go more outside the box with your oceanside kitchen design, you can also bring in complementary shades of orange for a pop of tropical color. 

The Flash series’ light blue shade has the same glazed, hand-crafted look as the cobalt option. You can choose a square tile shape for a mosaic backsplash or a rectangular subway tile for a sleek look. Both choices are modern and versatile. Pair with white and green accents throughout the kitchen for a contemporary coastal vibe.

CS-Deep Blue Honed Herringbone Tile Kitchen Backsplash from Arizona Tile
Image: CS-Deep Blue Honed Herringbone Tile Kitchen Backsplash from Arizona Tile

Get the Coastal Backsplash Look at Arizona Tile

Whether you want to use a beachy style throughout your whole kitchen, or you want to just take inspiration from the tones and textures of the beach, coastal tile is a great place to start. Although blue may feel like an intimidating color, it’s surprisingly versatile and effortlessly complements many other colors. Add green or beige accents to fully commit to the seaside look.

With extensive tile collections that include a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and textures, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at Arizona Tile. Contact us directly, use our design tools to help you visualize these coastal backsplash ideas, or experience our unique tile first-hand at one of our locations.

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