Domestic Stone – Marble from Vermont

Posted on Mar 12, 2013
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We are so proud of our vast selection of natural stone, marble, limestone, granite and slate from around the world, but did you know that we also carry stone that’s from domestic quarries right here in the United States? For some of our customers, local sourcing is a factor when they decide what products to purchase. Today we highlight our domestic stone products including several marble, granite and onyx slabs.

An interesting fact is that although these products are “born in the USA”, in some cases they are shipped to another country to be cut and processed properly. Also, many of these products are available as special order only because of their limited availability, so they can’t be viewed on our website. If you want to find out more about our domestic stones, you can add a comment to this post with your comments and questions.

Marble from Vermont

Calacatta Mist (aka Eureka Danby) and Calacatta Sunrise (aka Imperial Danby) – are two types of marble from Vermont Quarries – a bedrock quarry that has been operating for more than 100 years.

Mountain White, Sterling Sky (aka Crystal Stratus) and Montclair are also quarried by Vermont Quarries. They are classified as in-house colors which means that to see the amazing domestic beauty, you will need to visit one of our slab locations to view our current inventory.

Granite from Virginia

Jet Mist is quarried in Virginia. Then the blocks are shipped to Canada to be processed into slabs. This granite is available in a polished, honed or satin finish, and in both 2cm and 3cm thickness. It is a black granite, with soft, white veining.  In the honed or satin finish, this granite resembles soapstone. It’s easy to care for and stunning as a kitchen or bathroom countertop.

Onyx from Arizona

Canyon Onyx is quarried in Arizona, but it’s shipped to Italy where it is cut in facilities designed to carefully process this natural stone. A regional color, available at certain Arizona Tile locations, Canyon Onyx can be special ordered by calling or visiting your nearest Arizona Tile location.

Marble from Colorado

Calacatta Colorado is quarried in Aspen, Colorado and then the blocks are shipped to Italy to be processed into slabs. Recently, this product was not available in an abundant supply.  However, a new entrance into the quarry and now under the leadership of an Italian company, this marble will be abundantly available again.  Currently, this marble is available at select Arizona Tile locations.

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