Don’t Throw Away That Tile! (What to do with leftover tiles)

Posted on Sep 28, 2013
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Featured Image: Repurposed Mosaic Table

So you just finished tiling a room in your home and the floor, walls or backsplash looks great! So now what do you do with those few extra tiles you have leftover? Do you throw it away or store it?

Well, it is a good rule of thumb to keep about three tiles for future repairs. That way if ever a tile should crack, you have a replacement. But what if you have almost an entire box, or more, leftover? What do you do? We have a few ideas for clever projects that you might really like to try!

If you add rubber pads, thin cork or even felt to the backside of the tile, you have made a trivet or coaster depending upon the size of the tile! You can use this on your table to protect it from warm pots at dinnertime or to save your cocktail table from dreaded rings.

Unique Tile Projects that Stand Out!

Did you know that you can buy porcelain paint? You can paint or stencil a design on the tile and bake it according to manufacturers instructions and the paint looks as if it was glazed. You can do this before adding the rubber backing to create a one of a kind trivet or add a few in to your backsplash layout for some personalized flair.

For a clever gift idea for Grandma, it is possible to transfer pictures to tile. Transfer images of the grandkids to small tiles to make a stack of coasters that Grandma would love to keep on her table for friends to see.

If you really want to get creative, tile can be used to create beautiful mosaics. Save unused tile, chipped plates and teacups and use colored glass or marbles that you can buy at the craft store. You can start small by covering a planter or making a stepping-stone for the garden. Work your way up to covering a small coffee table or cover a large dining table.

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