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Is there a dream kitchen island you have in mind for your home? Whether you’re looking to build a new island or update an existing one, think about the visual impact you want it to have as you walk into your kitchen, as well as the functionality you want from it.

Get some inspiration from these great suggestions for designing a kitchen island that makes a statement.

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It Doesn’t Need to Blend In

To add variety to your design and make your island the focal point of your kitchen, you can create a kitchen island with a design scheme that contrasts with the rest of the kitchen. For example, if your kitchen has dark cabinets and countertops, go with a beautiful white quartz for your island top, such as our Lyskamm Quartz, to brighten things up and bring attention to the island.

Different Counter Heights

Do you entertain often and want to be able to socialize with your guests? Maybe you want to engage in conversation with your family at mealtime or as your children do their homework – while still being able to work in the kitchen. A kitchen island with differing counter heights will be a dream come true for all of you.

Designing a kitchen island with a cooktop or a large prep space on the lower level and a breakfast bar at a higher level will allow you to interact with your loved ones as you prep and serve food.

Think Outside the Rectangle

Although a standard rectangle shape likely comes to mind when you think of kitchen islands, there are many other lovely design and style options available.

How would an L-shaped or T-shaped island look in your kitchen? It would create a welcome change that automatically draws you into that space and make you want to linger there.

While there are numerous possibilities beyond the traditional kitchen island shapes, think about the layout and design your kitchen to determine which shape will create the most alluring design.

An Island with Purpose

In considering your dream kitchen island, in addition to designing a look you love that features the island as the central component of your kitchen, it’s also important to think about what you’ll be using the island for before committing to a style and design. In doing so, you’ll be able to choose the best material for your purposes. Are you an avid baker? Maybe an elegant marble will be the perfect choice for your island countertop.

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While there are plenty of trends that come and go in both commercial and residential interior design, the kitchen island is a classic feature that will always serve aesthetic and practical purposes.

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