Elevate Your Bathroom With Luxurious Textured Shower Tile

Posted on Apr 23, 2021
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Featured Image: Concerto White Glossy, Greige Glossy, and Cocoa Glossy Bathroom Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Upgrading your bathroom has exciting possibilities. Cascading showerheads, at-home steam showers, and a large-scale bathtub to relax and unwind in all sound like wonderful ideas to get the design process started. One simple way to elevate your dream bathroom even further is with textured tile in your shower. With its many materials, finishes, colors, patterns, and textures, tile offers countless possibilities to make your bathroom truly customized and special. Explore these five ideas for using textured shower tiles to make your bathroom look and feel luxurious:

Glossy Neutral Subway Tiles

Subway tiles in smoky, neutral hues are the perfect design building block because they offer many possibilities. Their subtle sheen catches the light beautifully, and their soft neutral tones like pearl, sand, or cocoa, fit comfortably in any bathroom design. The Concerto tile collection has an elegant shine, but the matte option is also a great choice in a modern bathroom. Some trendy designs use a combination of matte and glossy tiles to playfully mix textures for a unique sensory experience.

Subway tiles are most commonly stacked and offset in a brick pattern, but these long and slender tiles are surprisingly versatile. A diagonal pattern or pointed herringbone pattern makes a shower look even bigger by stretching across the walls, while a vertically stacked pattern gives the illusion of added height. Nontraditional subway tiles are a shower design trend that everyone can put their own spin on. In any pattern, these textured tiles add dimension and intrigue to your shower. For walk-in showers, the glossy tiles will still catch the eye through the glass door.

Image: Flash White 3 X 12 Bathroom Ceramic Shower Tile from Arizona Tile


Marble Paired With Glazed Tiles 

Marble tiles can turn your bathroom into a peaceful retreat to unwind in. Natural stone marble provides the look and feel of luxury that people desire. Marble tiles can be elevated even more by contrasting the matte stone tiles with an accent wall or feature of smaller glossy tiles.

The best bathroom designs incorporate various textures and materials to appeal to multiple senses. Stone tiles are often cool to the touch and calming to look at because of their natural finish. Ceramic or porcelain shower tiles add pleasant contrast with their gentle texture and sheen. Flash Ceramic Tiles offer the perfect juxtaposition by being visually interesting without feeling out-of-place next to marble tiles. When the morning light streams into your bathroom, the unique materials and textures will each play with the light differently, creating a calm and warm atmosphere. Imagine water flowing from a cascading shower head and glistening off of lightly textured tiles.

Image: Gioia Avocado Porcelain Bathroom Shower Wall Tile from Arizona Tile

Rich Bold Colors

While neutral tones are usually associated with bathroom designs, using saturated and bold colors can look surprisingly luxurious. Richly colored shower tiles make a dramatic statement that lifts your bathroom design to the next level. The Gioia collection comes in bold colors that will transport your bathroom to a tropical paradise. Imagine tiles as turquoise as Caribbean waters, green as a lime wedge on the rim of your favorite drink, or orange as a juicy fruit. This collection of porcelain tiles have a glazed sheen that looks stunning in showers. Choosing colored tiles lets you have fun and show personality in your space. For people with a “the bolder, the better” mindset, bright colors are a refreshing solution to elevate your bathroom into a private getaway spot.

Image: 3D White Ribbon Matte Ceramic Bathroom Wall Tile

3D Shower Tiles

If your bathroom design includes a large bathtub, then white tiles may be the perfect choice for you. Imagine extending the tranquility of your bathtub experience with a white textured tile wall next to you. The 3D tile series offers one-of-a-kind luxury. These three-dimensional tiles are smooth to the touch but are grooved as if carved by flowing water. The subtle grooves, twists, or waves create slight shadows that give your shower or bathtub area depth. 3D tiles turn basic shower walls into stylish design features. With tile, every surface of your dream bathroom can have elements of interesting design.

Image: Shibusa Tortora Color Body Porcelain Bathroom Shower Tile from Arizona Tile

Porcelain Tile Steam Shower

Steam showers are the ultimate bathroom upgrade. Imagine having a private steam room in the comfort of your own home. Upgrading to a steam shower may be an easy decision, but choosing which shower tileis right for your new at-home spa is surprisingly challenging. Although marble tile is an attractive choice, you should stick with porcelain tile for your steam shower because porcelain gets along better with steam than marble does. Porcelain tile is non-porous and a stylish choice with its variety of finishes.

Enhance Your Shower Design With Arizona Tile

When you already have great ideas for adding luxurious features to your shower, tile is the best complement to your shower upgrade. Arizona Tile has a huge collection of textured shower tiles that will help you achieve the at-home spa look. You can use the Just Imagine tool to spark inspiration or contact us to get started on creating your perfect shower experience.

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