Top 6 Trends for Textured Tiles

Posted 05/05/2017 by Adam Woodburn

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Slate Multi Tile Flooring from Arizona Tile
Featured Image: Slate Multi Textured Tile Flooring from Arizona Tile 

When it comes to designing a stylish and interesting space, it’s critical to choose materials that have a sense of texture. Even without touching the objects and surfaces in a room, it’s easy to see when it has (or lacks) texture. If a room in your home feels flat and uninteresting but you can’t figure out why, you may need to add some elements of texture to bring it to life. Whether you’re looking for a flooring option with a tactile feel underfoot, or want to add some visual interest to a wall or backsplash, try one or more of these popular textured tiles.

Wild Fire Slate Textured Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Wild Fire Slate Textured Tile from Arizona Tile

1. Slate. Perfect for bringing an earthy feel into any room, slate is one of the more popular textured tile options on the market. A natural textured stone tiles, slate can feature a variety of colors depending on the individual slab; some slate is predominantly gray or gray-blue, while some is infused with green, copper, pink and brown coloring. 

Shimmer Glass Mosaic Textured Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Shimmer Glass Mosaic Textured Tile from Arizona Tile

2. Mosaics. Mosaics are a unique and timeless way to incorporate texture into your home design. Pebble mosaic textured tile can add a beautifully organic, intricate aesthetic to small spaces. Popularly used for shower floors and walls, pebble mosaics are also a stylish choice for floor borders and transitions. In addition, glass tile mosaics are a trendy option. Even the smoothest of glass tile can be used to effectively create a textured mosaic that’s perfect for a backsplash or other accent area. A mosaic featuring glass tiles of varied colors and finishes can give it a dynamic, tactile look.

Newood Series Textured Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Newood Series Textured Tile from Arizona Tile

3. Wood-look tile. Wood-look porcelain and ceramic tile are durable and low-maintenance alternatives to hardwood floors. Designed to look and feel like real wood grain, the surface of wood-look tile texture is smooth yet slightly grooved, for a rustic and warm appearance.

Honey Tumbled Lyon Textured Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Honey Tumbled Lyon Textured Tile from Arizona Tile

4. Tumbled stone. A tumbled finish enhances the naturally porous surface of many types of stone texture tiles, creating an interesting texture that’s very different from honed or polished finishes. Travertine and limestone are commonly tumbled to create a distinctively soft, pitted look with rounded corners. Tumbled stone typically has a softer, duller appearance due to the tumbling process, but it can add a natural, antique look to a floor, backsplash, fireplace façade or tub surround.

Stackstone Earth Natural Stone Tile from Arizona Tile
Image: Stackstone Earth Natural Stone Tile from Arizona Tile

5. Stack. Stackstone, a favorite choice for backsplashes, fireplaces and showers, is a striking option for adding texture to small areas. Natural stone stack uses narrow, long tiles stacked atop one another to create a randomized brick-lay effect. The three-dimensional texture of stack makes it a perfect choice for a feature wall or other focal point in a room.

Metal QT Series Tile from Arizona Tile

Image: Metal QT Series Tile from Arizona Tile

6. Metal. Often used as a contrasting accent in bathrooms and kitchens, metal texture tiles add a touch of distinctive texture to a feature wall or backsplash. Install a copper tile mosaic backsplash to complement a warm, rustic kitchen, or try stainless steel tile as a sleek and modern accent in your bathroom.

From classics like slate and travertine to new trends like wood-look tile and metal mosaics, see how each of these textured tiles can elevate any space in your home and bring it to life.