Extraordinary Surfaces Extraordinary Places Series: Calacatta Marble

Posted on Jun 11, 2016
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Featured Image: Arizona Tile Calacatta Gold Marble Tile

White marble has been used for hundreds of years throughout the Carrara region of Italy for a variety of applications, such as windowsills and even entire houses. Marble is so abundant in this region that it’s even used for paving and curbs on the sides of streets!

Marble Curb in Italy

Calacatta marble is a special type of Italian marble that’s among some of the most precious varieties of white marble found in Italy. The various Calacatta marbles come from different quarries, some open and some gallery, located in Italy’s Carrara region.

Italian Marble Quarry

A Distinct White Calacatta Marble

Although Calacatta marble is often confused with some other Italian white marble varieties, particularly Carrara marble, Calacatta is distinguished by its rich white and honey gold colors and the dominance of white over gray in the marble. It also has distinct veining that results in thick, predominate patterns.

Interestingly, Calacatta marbles are most in-demand and widely used in the United States and India. They’re not used much in Italy, where Carrara marble tile and slabs are actually more popular.

Make it Yours

As with other types of marbles, no two Calacatta marble formations are the same, so variations will occur from slab to slab. The uniqueness of each marble slab is exactly what draws many homeowners and designers to use Calacatta for creating distinguished luxurious spaces in both residential and commercial settings.

Arizona Tile Calacatta Gold Marble Slab Countertop and Backsplash

The diverse colors it comes in make it suitable to different decor schemes, enabling you to truly make the design your own and incorporate your personal style. Some of the colors of Calacatta marble we have available in our stores include:

  • Calacatta Gold Marble
  • Calacatta Gold Vein
  • Calacatta Gold Extra
  • Calacatta Super Extra
  • Calacatta Colorado

Please stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to see our beautiful Calacatta marble tile and slab selections in person and to speak with one of our professional trained consultants.

Use our Just Imagine Visualizer to see what one of our Calacatta Marbles would look like in your space!

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