Fire Pit Design Ideas

Posted on Feb 28, 2015
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Featured Image: Outdoor Fire Pit Matching Patio

Fire pits can add elegance to the atmosphere of any backyard and provide a cozy outdoor gathering space. When considering the design of a fire pit, select a style you like but be sure it’s harmonious with the surrounding surfaces in your backyard, as well as the architecture of your home. Here are some great ideas for fire pit designs that we really like. Be sure to check out our Pinterest Outside Fire Pit Board for more inspirational ideas and how-tos on building your own this year!

Fire Pit Wall

Instead of a more traditional fire bowl or pit, think about creating a longer structure with a fire pit wall that serves as an intriguing backdrop to the rest of the landscape. One example of such a design would be to have a glass-tiled feature wall that sits behind the actual fire pit. This type of fire pit structure provides a fabulous focal point for a beautiful outdoor living room.

Sunken Fire Pit

A sunken fire pit is an alternative style option to fire pit structures that sit atop a patio or other area. One that’s embedded into a stone patio, for example, blends seamlessly with the rest of the backyard surroundings and provides a more subtle and natural look.

Think Outside the Circle

While the circle seems to be the go-to design for fire pits, don’t rule out other geometric shapes! Believe it or not, triangular fire pits, though a more unusual shape, are perfect for a small corner of a backyard. Boxy shaped square and rectangular fire pits also work really well and are especially suitable for creating a more formal look. While the typical round shape is more intimate and conducive to conversation, square and rectangular fire pits are ideal in a larger space, such as in front of a long seating wall.

Not Just Brick

Yes, brick is a great material that has many different applications, however, when designing a unique fire pit, think about using other materials. Fire pits made with marble or limestone are a refreshing change and are stunning to look at.

Location, Location

If you don’t want inclement weather to rain on your fire pit festivities, consider placing your gas fire pit in a covered area. Have a gazebo, veranda or other covered space? These are all great spots to put your fire pit so you can still enjoy it even when it’s raining! With so many fire pit design options to choose from, you can customize one to perfectly complement the style of your outdoor space and create the ambience you desire. To discuss fire pit design ideas for your backyard, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

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