Get Inspired by Brooke Coffman’s Crisp & Clean Kitchen Remodel

Posted on Aug 12, 2022
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BC_Unknown-6.webpFeatured Image: Flash White 3×12, Flash White Pencil Liner, Imperial Danby Honed Marble

Brooke Coffman (IG: @brcoffman) shares inspiration and tips when it comes to decor, style, travel and more. She lives in Frisco, TX with her family. Brooke explains, “I enjoy sharing my creativity outlet with others through all things decor and style. I love taking in new trends and displaying them in new and exciting ways.” And with these stunning, on-trend products from Arizona tile, she did just that!

Brooke’s Kitchen Remodel

In the quest for a new, modern space, Brooke recently remodeled her kitchen. Inspired by modern and transitional design, she was looking for a crisp and clean kitchen that featured a balanced contrast of white and dark tones. She also wanted to use products that would stand the test of time in the sense of both style and durability.

With the range of beautiful surfaces available at Arizona tile, it’s no surprise she succeeded in creating a fresh and modern kitchen that suits her style. Upgrading to marble countertops and replacing her old backsplash with on-trend ceramic tile were foundational changes that transformed the space into something beautiful, bright and chic.

BC_Unknown-8.webpImage: Flash White 3×12, Flash White Pencil Liner, Imperial Danby Marble Honed

The Natural Beauty of New Marble Countertops

The addition of beautiful new marble countertops in Brooke’s kitchen instantly upgraded the space and added a luxurious quality. Brooke chose a timeless white marble, Imperial Danby, with a honed finish for a softer look.

Imperial Danby Honed is a striking marble slab from a historic mountain quarry in Vermont. This exquisite stone features a milky white background with a soft, painterly pattern of gray veining. The vein pattern is enhanced by Brooke’s choice of cabinet color on her new kitchen island—a deep gray that brings out the marble’s cooler tones.

Plus, as one of the densest white marbles available on the market, Brooke’s Imperial Danby countertops are sure to withstand plenty of use.

BC_Unknown-7.webpImage: Flash White 3×12, Flash White Pencil Liner, Imperial Danby Honed Marble

A Fresh Twist on the Timeless Subway Tile Backsplash

When selecting a backsplash tile for her kitchen remodel, Brooke looked for something that was crisp and bright in order to “create an appealing contrast with the dark cabinets” she chose. Seeking tile that’s trendy and memorable, without overshadowing the marble countertops, Brooke found the perfect solution in Flash. This ceramic wall tile series from Arizona Tile offers a chic twist on the classic subway tile backsplash design.

Brooke opted for Flash White 3×12 to complement her white marble countertops and contrast the darker tones of her cabinetry. With its high-gloss finish and unique waved surface texture, Flash adds instant light and brightness to her kitchen for a sleek and stylish effect. The matching pencil bullnose trim was the perfect final touch for a white tile backsplash that looks crisp, clean and upscale.

To round off her kitchen remodel, Brooke chose a few finishing touches to complement her new marble countertops and tile backsplash. She “added in gold accents for the perfect combination” of colors, using bright pops of gold finishes to provide contrast and a luxe look.

BC_Unknown.webpImage: Flash White 3×12, Flash White Pencil Liner, Imperial Danby Honed Marble

Find Inspiration with Brooke on Instagram

When her kitchen project was complete, Brooke shared her excitement about the results: “I love my new products from Arizona Tile and will definitely be in touch on any future projects.” She also commended the staff, saying they were “excellent—everyone from the warehouse to the sales floor to marketing.” Thanks, Brooke! Our team is glad to hear from another happy customer with a stunning new kitchen!

Find Brooke on Instagram (@brcoffman) to see more about her kitchen remodel project and more.

If you’re looking for your own spark of inspiration, please stop into one of our showroom locations to meet with our friendly and knowledgeable tile experts today. Don’t feel like leaving the house? You can shop our online slabyard or get a look at what your space would look like with our tile and slab products using our Just Imagine Visualizer tool. Contact us today and start creating your new space for tomorrow.

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