Going Green with Porcelain and Ceramic Tile

Posted on Nov 1, 2014
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Featured Image:  Club Porcelain Tile Series from Arizona Tile

Sustainability in building projects has become more of a priority as awareness of environmental impacts has grown. As a result, products that are manufactured in an environmentally responsible fashion are becoming more and more popular. While, recycled content tile gets a lot of attention for being Eco-friendly, porcelain and ceramic tile are great choices for builders and remodeling contractors who are committed to going green.Bevel Cotton Curava Ceramic Tile and Savaii Recycled Glass Environmental Benefits Porcelain and ceramic tiles not only capture the look and feel of naturally occurring materials such as wood and stone, they are also extremely Eco-friendly. These are just some of the reasons why.

• Durability – As long as they are properly installed, ceramic and porcelain tiles can last a lifetime. They are among the longest lasting flooring tile products available and because the color and design goes through the tile, they hide scratches and chips so they look good longer.  Savannah Porcelain Tile Sepia – Recycled Materials

• Manufacturing – The majority of tile factories are “closed loop” facilities, meaning they reuse materials and water. They only send negligible amounts of wastewater to treatment plants and send minute amounts of scrap to landfills.

• Improved Indoor Air Quality – Because tiles are kiln fired at very high temperatures they don’t emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the indoor air of a building. VOCs can lead to several different types of health problems and are commonly linked to “sick building syndrome.”

• Reduced Energy Use – Since there are tile manufacturers in every region of the U.S., it is not necessary to ship products thousands of miles. As a result, air emissions and energy consumption are substantially reduced when compared to the manufacture of other types of flooring resulting in a smaller carbon footprint.

• Low Maintenance – Ceramic and porcelain tile can usually be cleaned with nothing more than warm water, eliminating the need for cleaners containing harsh chemicals.

Looking for just the right style of tile?

For those who value sustainability when it comes to construction or remodeling projects, porcelain and ceramic tiles are some of the best options available. They are not only durable as well as extremely easy to maintain, they are also excellent for the environment and the health of a building.

Come See a Showroom – You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

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