Grey Wood-Look Tile – Best Uses in the House

Posted on Jul 5, 2019
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Featured Image: Aspen Ash Grey Wood-Look Kitchen Floor Tile From Arizona Tile

Wood-look tile floors are a trend that’s here to stay. There’s no denying the quality, style and low-maintenance appeal of porcelain floors that look just like hardwood. And as more patterns and colors are made available, many homeowners love the look of grey wood-look tile, with its aged, whitewashed appearance and chic style.

Let’s take a look at some of the best uses in the home for some of our most popular grey wood-look tiles.

Best Interior Styles for Grey Wood-Look Tile

There is a broad range of styles when it comes to grey-toned wood-look tile—you might be surprised by what you find! Wood-look tile can pair beautifully with many home styles depending on what variety you choose. Here are some ideas:

Image: Eramosa Clay Grey Porcelain Floor Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Contemporary: Eramosa (in Carbon or Ice hues) is chic, clean and elegant, perfect for a contemporary style.
Image: Essence Grey Porcelain Wood-look Floor Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Rustic/Farmhouse: For that authentic hardwood floor look, you can’t go wrong with Essence Grey, with its contrasting woodgrain and warm, aged appearance. Also check out Aspen’s Ash, Grey Ridge and Beachcomber colors—a beautiful way to top off your rustic or farmhouse-inspired room.
Image: Legno Grey Wood-look Floor Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Industrial: The new Legno Grey wood-look tile offers high contrast and a pure grey color that could complement an industrial space.
Image: Porta Nuova Grey Wood-look Floor Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Mid-Century Modern: Clean lines and a sleek appearance make Porta Nuova an excellent choice for finishing a mid-century home. Choose from grey Frassino, warmer Quercia or the ultra-dark, almost-black Ebano depending on your style.
Image: Grigio R11 Anti-slip Finish Indoor & Outdoor Porcelain Grey Wood-look Tile From Arizona Tile
  • Traditional: More Wood Grigio is a warm and light grey tile with a beautifully knotty natural wood look. If you want to elevate your traditional home without the hassle of hardwood floors, this is the way to go.

Best Rooms to Use Grey Wood-Look Tile

Grey tile can be used in any room of the home, but the kitchen and living room are the two most popular choices. Wood-look floors can add a touch of rustic style to your kitchen, or infuse your living space with warmth and elegance.

Using grey wood-look tile in your bathroom is another rising trend that might pique your interest. Since bathroom color schemes often tend to be cool, light and soothing, we can’t think of a better flooring option than soft grey porcelain planks.

Color Palettes to Pair with Grey Wood-Look Tile

Grey wood-look tile generally pairs well with most wall colors and décor palettes, since it’s fairly neutral and versatile. One thing to consider when choosing a color palette is whether your grey tile is warm or cool toned. If it has bluish undertones it’s a cool grey, and if it has yellow or orange undertones it’s a warm hue.

With this in mind, aim to choose wall colors that complement your floor’s tone. For example, a dark, cool grey wood-look floor looks great with pale blue walls or a soft silver-grey. A warm grey tile generally pairs well with colors that are also warm, such as “greige,” cream, pale yellow, etc.

Now that you know the full potential of grey wood-look tile, imagine how you could use it in your own home! Try it out for yourself with our Just Imagine Visualizer.

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