Herringbone, Chevron, Modular—Hottest Tile Pattern Trends

Posted on Mar 29, 2017
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Featured Image: Herringbone Tile Pattern – Arizona Tile

If you’re considering installing a new tile floor, you’ve probably been bombarded by a plethora of pattern options. Whether you’re looking for a classic choice or something bold and fun, tile can be installed in a variety of patterns that can add personality to any room. While straight lay tile is certainly a timeless and elegant option, you shouldn’t feel limited to it. If you’d like to add visual interest or a chic look to your floors with a tile pattern, consider these popular choices:


Installing your floor tile diagonally (on a 45-degree angle) is a simple way to make a space feel roomier by adding a sense of depth. A similar alternative is a “diagonal with dots” look, which includes the addition of small, contrasting accent tiles at the larger tiles’ notched corners.


The herringbone tile pattern utilizes equal-sized rectangular tiles arranged in a slightly staggered zig-zag pattern, where the end of one rectangle touches the longer side of another. A herringbone tile floor is the perfect way to add charm and elegance to a small space such as a half-bathroom or galley kitchen. It’s also a very versatile choice—try it with tiny tiles for an intricate backsplash, or larger ones for a chic living room floor.

Image: Africa Series Herringbone Tile Floor Pattern – Arizona Tile


Similar to the herringbone pattern but with a few differences, chevron floor tile also forms a stylish zig-zag pattern. However, this pattern uses tiles with angled (rather than straight) ends to form inverted V shapes rather than a staggered design. Popularly used with contrasting colored tiles to create alternating stripes, the chevron tile pattern is a unique and on-trend choice for everything from backsplashes to kitchen floors.

Image: Chevron Floor Tile Pattern – Arizona Tile

Running Bond

A true classic, running bond is also called the brick pattern. This option uses rectangular tiles arranged in an evenly staggered pattern, like brickwork. It is a subtle way to differentiate a tile floor, and is also popularly used in bathrooms or backsplashes using subway tile.

Image: Smooth Series Running Bond Tile Pattern – Arizona Tile


Also known as a mosaic pattern, basketweave tile gives the illusion of a woven basket pattern. A classic and rustic-looking style, basketweave is made with small square tiles (often dark-colored) surrounded by vertical and horizontal rectangles (usually of a lighter color). This pattern adds timeless, Old-World charm to a space, but its grid-like appearance can feel too busy in a larger room. Try using it as a border decoration to add personality to a plainer pattern.

Image: Basketweave Tile Bathroom Floor Pattern – Arizona Tile


Also called Versailles or French, the modular floor tile pattern is an appealing option that combines 5 different tile sizes to create the appearance of randomness. Typically made with stone tiles such as slate or travertine, modular kitchen tiles are complicated to install but create a beautiful look that can work indoors or outside.


Also sometimes referred to as the hopscotch pattern, pinwheel features small square tiles surrounded by four larger squares, resembling the blades of a spinning pinwheel. This pattern works best with a 2:1 size ratio and is most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, as it tends to look too busy in large spaces.


A simple yet bold arrangement that usually features alternating black and white squares, the checkerboard tile pattern creates a sleek, retro look. It is most often seen in kitchen floors and can be installed in either straight lay or diagonal arrangements.


In this pattern, four rectangular tiles are arranged to create a square shape, with a smaller square tile (usually of a different color) placed inside. This creates the effect of spinning windmill blades. The windmill pattern is a popular choice for designing a mosaic look for a bathroom floor or shower.

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