High-End Bathrooms on a Budget

Posted on Jul 20, 2013
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Featured Image Above: Torreon Travertine and Mexican Noce Travertine Tile

You want your bathroom to look like you spent a fortune, but you don’t have an unlimited budget. So what do you do? We have a few ideas for you that will make your bathroom look like a million dollars without spending one.

Play with Our Design Tools for Ideas

Often times the beginning of a DIY project is where you can become overwhelmed by the scope of what your eyes want and the scope of what your wallet will give up.  By finding tile and stone products with our product finder tool or our custom blend mosaic tool you can satisfy both without feeling compromised. Once you discover what you and your pocketbook love, then you can use our visualizer design tool to upload pictures of your home to see your design creations virtually come to life before ever setting foot in our tile store.

Divide and Conquer

If you absolutely love the look of a high-end tile, like marble or granite but your budget doesn’t allow you to completely tile your space with it, why not combine the granite with a complementary porcelain tile?

You can also use different shaped tiles in the same color family to create visual interest. For example, combine our Manhattan Natural Stone in basketweave, Stackstone or even the simple 1”X1” square with our Calcutta Polished tile that emulates the look of marble, but is actually a porcelain tile.

Another beautiful look is to use all the same large-scale tile on the walls and floors.

Our Dome Series is a porcelain tile that can be used for both walls and floors that contains greater than 40% recycled content. It is not only beautiful (available in four colors and six sizes) but also a product that you can feel good about using in your home because it is eco-friendly.

Create a Focus

If you absolutely fall in love with a gorgeous tile that has a high sticker price, don’t think about how much it would cost to do your entire space. Creating a focal wall is a great option to include that more expensive product you love, while remaining within your budget. Moreover, you will create a more interesting space that has a lot of WOW factor.

Using a bit of creativity when shopping for tile can allow you to create the bathroom of your dreams while still remaining on-budget. If you are nervous, simply ask your Arizona Tile salesperson at any one of our locations for suggestions. They are always happy to help you get the look you desire.

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