How Our Stores are Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary

Posted on Aug 25, 2017
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Featured Image: The First Arizona Tile Location in San Diego, CA

In celebration of our 40th anniversary this year, Arizona Tile is hosting events for employees and customers alike at each of our locations around the country.

While all of our locations are celebrating the big 4-0, our largest event was held at the San Diego branch on June 15th, 2017.

Our San Diego store was the first-ever Arizona Tile location and the site of our first lease signing, so this branch holds a dear place in our hearts. With our 40th anniversary, we’re celebrating a huge milestone in the company’s progress and there was no better place to do so in a big way. While we originally planned to host the party at the store itself, the amazing response from the community outgrew the size of the store, and we moved the event to the Tiki Pavilion of the nearby Town and Country Resort.

Image: Arizona Tile Co-Founder John Huarte Awarding a Signed Notre Dame Football to Raffle Contest Winner Nicki

We were thrilled to see a variety of employees, former team members, and customers at our San Diego event, many of whom have supported the company since its founding in 1977. Executive attendees included:

  • Founders John and Eileen Huarte
  • President Bob Traxler
  • Executive VP & CFO Gary Skarsten
  • VP of Sales Beth Gaughan
  • VP of Finance Don Kesteloot

Jack Penny, a retired branch manager and sales rep for Arizona Tile, was also in attendance. He and his band, The Shenanigans, provided musical entertainment for the party.

Several of our other locations have hosted their 40th anniversary celebrations thus far, including:

Image: The 40th Anniversary Celebration Continues at the Tempe Arizona Tile Location

Each event has been a huge success, with excited Arizona Tile team members and wonderful customers enjoying snacks, drinks, and good conversation in celebration of our company’s milestone. We’d like to sincerely thank everyone who was able to attend an Arizona Tile 40th anniversary party. We invite each of our fans and customers to join us at the following locations for celebrations that are yet to come:

We hope to see you soon!

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