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The French country look is sophisticated, rustic and stunning. Inspired by the warmth and beauty of traditional houses in Provence, it’s sure to give any space of your home a look that’s as timeless as it is unique.

If your dream home is one that feels straight out of a village in the South of France, you can bring a touch of that rustic look to your own home, no matter where you live. From flooring to color schemes to furniture and décor, let’s take a look at a variety of ways to achieve the French country style in your home’s design.

What is French Country Design?

Also known as French Provincial style, this style is characterized by a striking mix of rustic design and elegant accents that combine to create a warm, soft, airy aesthetic. A unique blend of quaint and refined, the aim of French country design is to bring the warmth and antique look of Provincial homes to any space. Exposed ceiling beams, wood or stone floors, floral patterns and refined, antique furniture are cornerstones of this rustic yet luxurious style.

Image: Bianco Venatino White Marble Countertops from Arizona Tile


Warm earth tones, soft neutrals and hints of colors like butter yellow, lavender and sea blue are often used in the French country palette to create a look inspired by the serene landscape of Southern France. Plenty of rich wood tones, antiqued gold and brass finishes, eggshell white paint, sage green upholstery and white marble countertops are just a few of the hues and materials you’ll find in a French country home. Cobalt blue, mahogany, cream and burnt orange are some other colors that complement the style.

Image: Salem Grey Slabs for Outdoor Patio from Arizona Tile


Traditionally, floors in a Provincial home are rustic and natural. Rich hardwood, brick or stone floors give an old, charming look to any space. Natural stone such as limestone or travertine adds an instant rustic vibe, while wood-look tile planks are ideal for bringing a warm feel to your French country home (without the high maintenance needs of real wood).

Image: Savannah Coffee Wood-Look Tile Kitchen Floor from Arizona Tile

In particular, a herringbone or basketweave pattern is a popular French country floor style. Savannah and More Wood are two wood-look tile varieties that offer the warmth and realism of classic French Provincial floors.

Image: Castle Brick Red Porcelain Tile from Arizona Tile

If you like the texture and classic quality of brick, you can also find gorgeous, warm brick-look tile to breathe Provincial-inspired life into your bathroom, kitchen, dining room or entryway.

Furniture & Décor

Furniture with an antique look, refined details and rustic finishes is perfect for a French country-style space. Here are a few ideas to inspire your design:

  • Storage Armoire: One noteworthy element of many Provincial homes is the use of an armoire as storage in rooms other than the bedroom, such as bathrooms or dining areas. Repurposing an antique armoire as a bathroom cupboard or kitchen pantry is one way to bring an authentic French aesthetic to your space.
  • Warm Textiles: Sweeping curtains, inviting upholstery, warm area rugs, floral throw pillows and other fabrics give any room of your home a welcoming feel that aligns perfectly with French country design.
  • Black Accents: Black is a striking accent color for a French Provincial room. Touches of black in the form of chair legs, mirror frames, lamps, drawer pulls, cast iron fixtures and more lend a bit of contrast that brings the room together in a classic, chic way.
  • Wood Beams & Trim: Exposed ceiling beams in the kitchen or living area add a raw and rustic look to your space, while natural wood trim around doors, windows and walls keeps the room feeling warm and inviting.

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