How to Calm Bright Color Home Decor

Posted on May 17, 2017
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Featured Image: Bright Color Home Bathroom Decor

How to Calm Bright Color Home Decor

A bright, bold wall color is a striking design choice that can work beautifully in many rooms. However, if that sunny yellow bedroom or bright red accent wall in the living room is a bit too stimulating, there are plenty of ways to soften and calm the color without repainting. Read on for a few simple techniques for preserving those striking colors while creating a more relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Utilize Neutral Tones

Decorating with primarily neutral colors will help soften the boldness of your room’s walls. For example, you can hang large curtains in white, beige, or gray tones to cover up some of the wall’s surface and create a sense of balance. Choose neutral bedding, rugs, and upholstery, avoiding busy or high-contrast patterns. If you’d like to temper the color of your walls, it’s also advisable to avoid competing colors in the room—adding contrast will only make the walls seem more vibrant. For instance, if your walls are red, avoid green hues elsewhere in your décor as they will make the red seem even bolder.

Shift the Focus 

Another tactic for muting those brightly colored walls is to try shifting the room’s focal point. If a bold accent wall is drawing all the attention in your living room, for instance, hang a large piece of artwork on the wall. Choose a painting or piece of art that has a lot of white space to counter your wall color, but plenty of visual interest so as to draw attention away from the wall. The same effect could also be achieved with a piece of statement furniture or a striking tile floor.

Adjust Your Lighting

If your walls are still looking too bright, consider experimenting with the lighting in the room. A bright white overhead fixture that illuminates the whole room can make your wall color seem even more vibrant. Instead, opt for a few smaller lamps to cast light where it’s needed preventing your walls from being too harshly lit.

Image: Blue Glazed Porcelain Tile

Keep it Natural

To counter the stimulating color of your walls, strike a balance by choosing natural-looking furniture and décor in the room. Materials like wicker, bamboo, and hardwood complement many wall colors. Soften that vibrant spring green or lemon yellow with dark wood bookshelves and a natural stone floor.

With these tips, it’s easy to make the most of a bold and bright room and turn it into a beautiful, integral part of your interior design. Even the most vivid colors can be tamed with a few décor tricks that will transform your room into something you love.

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