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Hardscapes are a stylish investment and a good way to enhance your yard’s natural beauty. Whether you’ve installed stone tile flooring, brick pavers, cement, or another material to create an outdoor hardscape or patio on your property, it’s important to keep it protected from the ravages of weather. You’ll need to do routine maintenance to keep these surfaces looking their best so that your hardscapes continue to shine year after year. Here are our tips for regular and yearly hardscape maintenance.

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Regular Upkeep

Sweep the surface regularly with a stiff broom to keep it clear of leaves and debris, particularly in the autumn when falling leaves can start to decompose on the surface, causing stains and mold. Use a hose to wash the tiles or bricks, along with a stronger cleaning solution once a year or when needed.

Pull any weeds that have invaded cracks between the tiles, making sure to remove the roots to prevent regrowth. Chemical weed killers applied in weed-prone areas can also keep your hardscape looking top-quality.

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Once-a-Year Maintenance

Every year, consider hiring a contractor to professionally clean your outdoor hardscapes. Spring is a great time to do this – once winter weather has passed. Any issues can be taken care of in order to make your patio and other hardscapes ready for summer use. Professional contractors will have the proper tools and expertise to care for every hardscape material.

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Sealing Hardscapes

Sealing outdoor tile and stone surfaces every few years can extend their life, prevent fading, and help protect them from damage, making them easier to maintain and preserving their beauty. Contractors can apply sealants to the appropriate surfaces for you, and reapply when needed to maintain the finish.

By properly maintaining hardscapes with these tips, you can keep your yard looking its best season after season.

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