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Featured Image: Discover Materials for Your Mixed Kitchen Countertop at Arizona Tile

Does your kitchen need a little extra oomph? Are you looking to update your kitchen countertops with a more stylish material? Are you having a hard time deciding between two favorite kitchen countertop options?

Countertops can make or break a kitchen design, so it’s important to take your time when choosing a material that’s both functional and beautiful. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose just one—in fact, you can design a gorgeous and practical kitchen by mixing and matching countertops for a unique, stylish effect. Here are some ideas for mix-and-match kitchen countertop designs that will help you enjoy your kitchen for years to come.

Side by side. One popular mix-and-match look features one material, such as butcherblock, on one side of the kitchen with another material, such as a granite countertop, on the other. This is a stylish way to separate your kitchen countertop into two distinct workspaces, making it a great choice for homeowners who appreciate the aesthetic of one material but prefer the functionality of another. For example, you might choose a heat- and water-resistant surface for the sink and stove area, while opting for a more appealing but less durable wood in the eating space.

High contrast. Double the visual impact by mixing and matching both the materials and colors of your kitchen countertops. Pair polished concrete with bright white marble—or a dark hardwood with pale limestone. You can also add subtle contrast by mixing textures—try combining a rougher surface with something more sleek and polished. Stainless steel perimeter countertops are striking against the warmth of a wooden kitchen island, creating a rustic yet contemporary look.

This idea is also a great way to get maximum appeal without breaking the bank. For instance, if you love the look of the bold veining in a pricey slab of marble, you can use it on a smaller section of your kitchen countertops and choose an inexpensive material, such as wood, for the remainder.

Complementary colors. If you’re looking for an aesthetic that is stylish and trendy but not overly bold, consider choosing two different colors of the same countertop material for your kitchen. If you like quartz, for example, you might choose a solid white variety for the countertops around your sink and stove, paired with a patterned white and gray quartz countertop for your kitchen island.

Wood combos. For a rustic farmhouse look in your kitchen, try mixing wood countertops with virtually any other countertop material. Butcherblock style kitchen countertops are a popular choice, and can pair well with a variety of other surfaces, including granite, marble, soapstone, concrete and quartz.

Image: Wood and Granite Mixed Kitchen Countertops

Asymmetrical. Make your kitchen bold and unique by creating a dramatic asymmetrical kitchen countertop. For example, a raised wooden eating area at the end of your marble countertop adds style and character to the space. You can also experiment with different shapes, such as rounded corners or distinctive angled countertops.

Choosing the right pair of countertop materials can take your kitchen design from standard to standout. There are endless combinations of materials, colors, patterns and textures to choose from—whether you opt for a striking, high contrast look or a more subtle mix of surfaces, mix-and-match counters are sure to become a timeless style choice.

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