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Featured Image: Aspen Sequoia Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Floors from Arizona Tile

Ideas for Upgrading Your Beach House Kitchen & Bath

If you’re looking to make updates to your beach house, the kitchen and bathroom are great places to start. These two rooms have a huge impact on the value, functionality and style of your waterfront home. Here are our tips for upgrading your bath and kitchen in a way that will maintain a beachy vibe while adding modern style.

Image: Club Tobacco Wood-Look Porcelain Tile Floor from Arizona Tile

#1: Wood-Look Tile

Natural wood hues and woodgrain create a natural look, but you don’t have to install high-maintenance hardwood to achieve it. Instead, opt for the durability, low maintenance needs and versatile color options of porcelain wood-look tile.

Choose from plank-style floor tiles like AspenClub and Essence to give your beach kitchen or bathroom a wood look in shades of gray, cream or other light, modern colors. You can even use faux wood tile for shower walls, backsplashes and more for a unique and beachy vibe.

#2: Gray & White Color Scheme

Timeless and airy—perfect for a beachside home—a gray and white color scheme can bring a soft, subdued look to your kitchen or bath. White walls, white and gray marble countertops and whitewashed wood-look floor tile can create an effortless and chic aesthetic that brings the room together.

Image: Skylights Lunar Mélange Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash from Arizona Tile

#3: Ocean Accent Colors

When upgrading the tiles in your beach house kitchen or bath, it’s a great opportunity to add a pop of accent color to the room. Soothing, fresh, beachy shades of blue, green and cream are great options. Mint, navy, slate blue and spring green are perfect for invigorating your space with chic style.

Backsplashes, wall borders and showers are great places to add these accent colors. Glass tile options such as IslandiaShimmer and Skylights add shine and color to make your space look brighter. Porcelain tiles with intricate patterns, like the beautiful Marrakesh or Cementine, can bring a decorative touch of color to a beach house bathroom or kitchen.

Image: New Carrara White Quartz Bathroom Countertop from Arizona Tile

#4: White Countertops

White truly goes with anything, and you can’t go wrong with white countertops in a beach house. Bright, timeless white counters will reflect natural light to make your space look bigger and brighter, keeping your beach house bath or kitchen looking airy, warm and inviting. White marble like Calacatta Gold Extra offers a classic look with luxe hints of warm gray and gold veining, while quartz such as Carrara can beautifully emulate the look of marble as well.

Note: Quartz requires less maintenance and upkeep than real marble, but it can become discolored over time if exposed to lots of sunlight. In a beach house, it may be a better choice for a windowless bathroom than for a sunny kitchen.

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