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Featured Image: Integrated Office Kitchen by Le Sojorner

In today’s economic climate anyone in business may be thinking about ways to boost employee morale or make your company more attractive to perspective employees. How about offering your employees an extra $2500 per year? No room in the budget you say? Well, we have a great way to give each of your employees extra money in their wallet without giving a bonus. We are talking about creating an office kitchen.Earth Slate Natural Stone Tiles

Give Them a Raise By Giving Them an Office Kitchen!

The average lunch costs $7 – $10, which can quickly add up. By creating a nice area for your employees to make, store and eat lunch, they can easily save money. Plus what a great way to boost morale and camaraderie than to give workers a way to engage socially? While you can’t force employees to skip that fast food lunch, you can make the office kitchen inviting enough to encourage eating in. This means that it can’t just be a table shoved in a walk in closet. Make it colorful, hang some pictures, create a theme if you can, perhaps add a pinball machine or foosball table to allow employees to blow off some steam after that three hour conference call. The idea is to make it inviting.Skylights Cosmopolitan Melange Glass Tile If you are creating the area from scratch, decide whether the area is going to match the look and feel of the rest of the office. Since this area is a kitchen, tile flooring is imperative for easy clean up from spills. In the above example, Slate tile offers an earthy backdrop to this offices lunch area. Multiple small tables, like in this example are great if you have the space. But a longer conference style table also works.

Turn Any Space into a Kitchen

A coffee pot, refrigerator and microwave will immediately turn any space into a kitchen. However, you may want to install cabinets, a sink and perhaps a dishwasher so dishes can be easily cleaned. This will provide the space to make food, wash mugs, and prepare snacks. A tile kitchen backsplash will protect the walls from the occasional splashes of coffee that stain. In this photo, Skylights glass tile adds a bit of sparkle while protecting the walls from regular splashes and spills.Diamond White Quartz Slab Quartz or granite countertops not only look amazing, they also can take the daily sandwich slicing, coffee spills, and catering preparations that a busy office sees every day. The bonus to a quartz countertop is that it is a sustainable product made from certified recyclable content making your kitchen eco-friendly too.  Virtual Kitchen and Bathroom Design Tool – Just Imagine from Arizona Tile We hope this inspires you to think about ways you can make your office more inviting. Team building can happen every day if you set the stage. Give them the space they need to mingle and encourage collaboration, even if it is over which cold cuts to put on their sandwiches. Take a look at our Pinterest board for inspiration for your office kitchen. While you’re at it – pop on over to use our Just Imagine or Just Design Tools to envision just how the perfect spot in your office could become a kitchen!

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