Interior Water Feature Design Ideas

Posted on Apr 11, 2015
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Featured Image:  Indoor Water Feature by Regina Sturrock Designs – Courtesy Image from Houzz

Indoor Water Wall by Studios 1019 Spas and resorts are known for having lovely indoor water features that serve to enhance the serenity in their environments. Malls and hotel lobbies have long been featuring water in their interior architecture. Now these water design features are becoming popular in home décor as well. Although most of us won’t be installing indoor pools and other extravagant water features in our homes, there are some creative ways to incorporate smaller scale water features into our home’s interior design.

Stylish Interior Water Feature Spaces

1) Foyers and Entryways

Foyers and entryways are perfect places to showcase an interior water feature. Putting one in such a high traffic area will ensure everyone can enjoy it. Small water fountains and water gardens look spectacular in foyers and entryways, creating a “wow” factor upon entering a home. Natural stone, such as granite and marble, makes for an elegant surrounding structure to a water feature and further brings out its beauty.

2) Underneath Staircases

Indoor Water Feature Under Staircase Designing a water feature underneath a staircase is a fabulous way to include this design aspect into any home. It’s the best option for smaller homes as it creatively utilizes every spare inch of space. With stairs rising above the water, a stunningly dramatic effect is created. Depending on the amount of space available, a full accent wall can be designed with a cascading waterfall that flows into a small pond made out natural stone. An aquarium is another alternative in this area and can be designed to sit atop a stone structure.

3) Living Rooms

It isn’t surprising that living rooms are one of the hot spots for a water feature. This is often the room where everyone relaxes and spends time together. Integrating water into the room’s design will bring in a modern look and a sense of tranquility. As living rooms will offer more space than a foyer, entryway or beneath a staircase, there are many more design options. A feature wall made of mosaic or glass tiles with a stone pond underneath provides a chic, contemporary look. Water fountains and water gardens also work well in this living area. No matter which part of the home a water feature is in, it’s guaranteed to be an impressive focal point, adding unique character and style to your home. To discuss water feature design ideas for your home, stop by any of our Arizona Tile locations to speak with one of our professionally trained consultants.

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