Introducing French Limestone

Posted on Feb 19, 2013
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For 2000 years French limestone has been used for flooring, tiles and carved pieces such as columns, balusters, fountains, fireplaces and monuments. Its versatility is matched by its durability. The Roman Empire used French limestone to build arenas and coliseums. It was extremely popular during the Middle Ages as a building material. In France, the beauty and outstanding durability of the buildings from this time can be still be seen today in Notre Dame and Versailles.

Variation in color and veining can vary greatly, depending upon the quarry from which the stone is sourced. The soil and clay where the stone is found creates the distinction in the color and pattern of the stone. Since every piece of stone is different, there are endless possibilities for the limestone finish, texture and look.

Arizona Tile is excited to announce a new line of products that features French Limestone.  With exceptional color, veining, durability and versatility, this tile can be used in many rooms in your home, on floors or on walls. It is just as dramatic in an entryway as it is in a master bath.

Our extensive line features French limestones such as Beaumaniere, offered in both tiles and slab, and the Massangis Aged Romain Pattern.   For more information, we invite you to read product specifications for the Massangis Aged Romain Pattern, Beaumaniere slabs and Beaumaniere tiles on the Arizona Tile website. We will be adding several more French limestones in the coming months.

As with all of our products, the proper care of the product will ensure that it lasts for years to come. Visit our showrooms to view our French Limestone in person and to see the colors and styles available!

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