Large-Format Tile: Maximize Your Space in Style

Posted on Sep 23, 2019
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Featured Image: Themar Grigio Savoia Large Format Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile from Arizona Tile

Once limited to commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels and offices, large-format tile has made its way onto the residential scene, and homeowners are in love with it. Offering a clean, aesthetically pleasing and modern feel, large-format tile has become popular in recent years—and for good reason.

First, what is large-format tile? Typically, to be considered large format, the tile will have at least one edge longer than 15 inches. Often found throughout homes as flooring, kitchen and entryway walls, fireplaces, in bathrooms and more, the possibilities are endless.

Image: Belgian Linen Mica Large Format Bathroom Tile Flooring from Arizona Tile

How to Use Large-Format Tile in Your Home

From enlarging small spaces to adding timeless uniformity, let’s take a look at four of our favorite ways to maximize your space in style with large-format tile.

Widen Small Spaces: At Arizona Tile, we are all for adding large-format tile to small spaces as this can make smaller rooms in your home appear to look larger. Fewer grout lines are less distracting, which means less crowding, giving an overall larger appearance to your small space. Something to think about: choose light-colored tile to not only make your room look larger, but to also brighten the space.

Visual Continuity and Elegance: Using large-format tile in your space creates a sense of visual uniformity and timelessness. This works beautifully in open concept living areas when you want to really benefit from having one large living space. Here’s a little tip: large-format rectified porcelain sheets combined with similar colored grout can give the illusion that the flooring is one, single piece.

Endless On-Trend Options: If you think because large-format tile is still a little new in residential spaces, therefore it must be too expensive or limited in design options, think again, friends. At Arizona Tile, it’s important to us that we give you what you want—in style, size, material and more—with the versatility to match any room in your home, both inside and outside. Check out these stunning options that can go as large as 36 x 36 inches.

Image: Pietra Italia Beige R11 Anti-Slip Finish, Aequa Tur Large Format Tile from Arizona Tile

More Tile, Less Grout, More Enjoyment: It’s true, this one doesn’t have the sexiness of the others, but let’s be honest… nobody loves cleaning grout. With large-format tile, you have less grout, less cleaning, a more hygienic area and most of all… more time to enjoy your beautiful space. Remember this tip from above: choosing grout as close to the color of the tile as possible will create a more seamless appearance, visually expanding the room.

Installing large-format tile in your home is easier than ever these days. Not only does it add sophistication to any space, there’s just something about it that feels clean and utterly stylish. We hope this info has given you a little inspiration on how you can transform your space from drab to fab with extra-large tile. Whether you’re thinking floors, backsplashes, fireplaces, showers and tubs, or maybe creating a stunning accent wall that will enhance the beauty of your home, Arizona Tile has the perfect solution for you.

Imagine what your space can look like with the addition of large format tiles from Arizona Tile with our Just Imagine Visualizer.

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