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2013 trends certainly are a lesson in opposites. We have talked a bit about the popularity of mosaics in past blogs, but today we will talk about the other trend that is taking the tile industry by storm – large format tiles.

Now we are not talking simply about your 18” X 18” granite squares anymore. Today you can see tiles as large as 48 inches square being used in show kitchens and baths as well as large rectangles making bold statements. Imagine just a few tiles covering an entire room.

So Many Choices in Large Format Tiles

Arizona Tile has many options if you are looking to explore this beautiful trend in tile. Our Metalwood Series porcelain tile collection is available in 12 X 24, 18 X 36 and 24 X 48 as well as many other size options, some of which are special order.

It is available in many colors and is perfect for both dry and humid applications – so it is ideal for your next bathroom project. It also looks attractive with both modern and classic décor making it very versatile.

Our Regis Series porcelain tile is available in six sizes, including a 24” X 24” – a size that is perfect if you like the large format, but don’t want to go too big.

This tile is unique because it features digital printing technology that gives this porcelain tile the look of natural stone. Due to the variety of sizes available, this series can be installed in multiple patterns!

If you want natural stone, our Camargo Natural Stone is available in 16 X 24, 18 X 18, and 24 X 24. Quarried in Chihuahua Mexico, this limestone was formed in hot springs which causes a lovely rust veining throughout the stone.

Whether you love the look of the large format tiles or tiny mosaics, Arizona Tile has many options. Why not stop in to your local Arizona Tile showroom to see all of the latest styles?

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