Men’s Bathroom Tile Trends

Posted on Jul 12, 2014
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In today’s modern home, having separate bathrooms for the man and woman of the house isn’t highly unusual. In fact, many larger residences are being designed to afford a private bath space for each adult who will be living there. This allows for personal taste to shine through when it comes to the function and decoration of a gender-specific space.

Dome Walnut Porcelain Tile

Like the pervasive “man cave”, the man’s bath area should reflect a masculine aura. This can be done through the creative and clever use of particular styles of bath tile.

Men Tend to Prefer Strong Colors

In research studies, men tend to gravitate toward strong colors like red or deep blue. In the same vein, they like powerful neutral shades such as pure white, black, charcoal and earthy brown. By using bath tile that fits a male-inspired color palette (e.g., black and white subway tiles with red splashes here and there; sienna brown with veins of white), the designer of the gentleman’s shower can ingeniously turn this place for cleaning and grooming into a work of art.

One of the numerous bath tile options that appeals to many people who wish to create a man’s bathroom is the Dome Series. Several colors of this easy-to-maintain porcelain are available for the male bather, including walnut and rust.

Symmetrical Patterns Made with Straight Lines Are Masculine and Eye-Catching

Basaltina Mocha Stack

Another characteristic that many gentlemen’s bathrooms share are design elements created from straight lines. These could be checkerboard-style patterns, or more ornate (but not flowery or feminine) designs. The key is to use the bold lines in favor of curvier ones.
In terms of bath tile, the porcelain Basaltina Series has excellent options for men’s bath locations when it comes to the color and design elements involved. It is comprised of four colors and two sizes, plus a stack and mosaic.  The colors are mid-grey, nero, ivory and mocha. Used alone or with another type of stone or porcelain tile, Basaltina’s tiles are robust without being brash.

Rely on Leather-Like Textures for Men’s Bathrooms

Finally, it’s not at all uncommon for bath tile in a man’s shower area to mimic leather, which is arguably one of the most masculine fabrics. The contemporary Cebu Series is ideal for this purpose, as it offers a leather color of high-quality porcelain to add depth and character to any bathroom shower wall. It’s also simple to clean and modern in its appeal.

No matter what type of guy requires his own “king of the castle” bathroom, the right bath tile can make all the difference.

Get started pairing a variety of porcelain or ceramic tiles in our Just Imagine™ Visualizer Tool. Post your ideas in the comments below!

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