Modern Entryway Flooring Ideas to Try This Year

Posted on Apr 20, 2018
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Featured Image: Crema Vosscione Honed Limestone Tile Entryway

With the entryway being the “first impression” people get about your home’s interior when they first come in, the design of this space is a great way to set the tone for what the rest of your house will look and feel like.

There are so many great ways to create a welcoming entryway that shows off your personality and your home’s style. The first consideration in entryway design is flooring. Keep in mind that, in addition to aesthetic appeal, the flooring will need to be durable since this is a high-traffic area. Tile is the perfect solution, offering a great variety of options that are simultaneously gorgeous and strong.

Below are a few modern entryway tile ideas you’ll love. Not only are they elegant, but they’ll hold their own against heavy use and maintain their beauty over the long haul.

Image: Calacatta Gold Tile Entryway

Chevron style tile (shown above in Calacatta Gold) is a simple yet striking design that works well in both small entryway spaces and large ones. This design also complements many different design components and can be incorporated into many homes with the same amazing effect.

Image: Salem Grey Limestone Tile Entryway

Limestone flooring is sophisticate and royal and, if you have a home with a spacious and a bit wider of an entranceway, it’s a perfect choice. As in the example above (Limestone Salem Grey shown), black borders really give white or gray limestone tile floors a pop and make for an extra sleek entranceway.

Image: Marrakesh Grey Matte Varese Cenere Hex Porcelain Tile Entryway

Want to liven up your entryway floor? Patterned tile is the way to go! Not only does it create artistic interest and capture attention as soon one enters your home, but it really allows you to make a unique impression with your personal style.

Like the above picture, you can make a focal point with patterned tile as soon as you come in and then surround it with neutral tiles to expand the entrance further into your house without being visually overwhelming with too much pattern.

Image: Eramosa Clay Porcelain Tile Entryway

You can truly set the stage for how others view your home from the moment they walk in with your entryway flooring and design choices. With so many different tile options to choose from, you’ll easily be able to create something that suits you and wows your guests. Use these entryway tile ideas to inspire you toward designing the entryway of your dreams!

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