Featured Image: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water

Sometimes it is hard to decide when you are designing a whole room what style to go with – rustic or modern? Either looks great and there certainly are tons of unique options in tile that will look great for years to come. You may long for rustic charm but are concerned it will look dated in a few years – perhaps like mauve carpeting? Well, using natural stone in your design is a classic (unlike mauve carpeting). Choose the right tile and you may get bored of it before it is out of style – it could outlive you! You can choose rustic tiles that have a modern flair or even add in unique touches to create that modern look. Here are a few ideas to inspire the designer in you.

Natural Stone Tile with a Rustic Flare

Let’s begin with natural stone. Golden Gate is a sedimentary stone that evolved from Sandstone. It embodies rustic charm.

Arizona Tile Golden Gate Quartzite Bathroom

But take this versatile stone and create a herringbone pattern in your layout and you immediately updated this classic look. Or combine it with a modern mosaic tile on the wall to give it a more modern edge. Natural Stone Stackstone is a modern mosaic style tile that is available in several natural stones, including Golden Gate, and other slates, quartzites and marbles. The finish can be textured or polished and is an updated look for classic stones. This stone is ideal for walls and backsplashes. However, stackstone also makes a bold modern look when used on floors

Ostrich Grey Stackstone Floor

To update the rustic look of natural stone even more, the Soh Glass Stone Stack Tile is a mosaic that combines natural stone with glass. The glass adds a bit of shimmer and sophistication to stone. Take the look a step further by adding in a band of Mineral Mosaics as in this handsome kitchen backsplash.

Soh Glass Stone Stack and Mineral Mosaics Backsplash

Mineral Mosaics are metal tiles on a ceramic body and they add a touch of metallic to your design. The copper version blends in perfectly with a more rustic design and is ideal for a focal wall or backsplash to add a bit of warm color to your room.

Mineral Copper Mosaic Kitchen Backsplash

Modern design does not have to be cold or hard, just as rustic doesn’t have to mean “country”. If you use Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water as inspiration featured above, you understand that modern and rustic are never mutually exclusive. It certainly is not “dated” but it is charming. Get started pairing a variety of natural stone or mosaic tiles in our Just Imagine Visualizer Tool. Post your ideas in the comments below!

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