Mudroom Entryways with Style

Posted on Aug 9, 2014
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Featured Image:  Mud/Laundry Room featuring Natural Stone Tile by Peace Design on Houzz

When you think “mudroom” you probably think about wet, rainy and slushy weather, i.e. winter and spring. But even in the summer, when visits to the beach or pool and long walks with the dog are more commonplace, a mudroom just makes sense from a cleaning standpoint. Lets face it, any parent (of the kid or furry variety) wishes they had a place to take off the muddy-sandy-wet-dirty things, and in a dream situation hose off, before trekking into the rest of the house. If you are thinking about creating a mudroom in your home, here are a few considerations before you begin your design.Where – Do you have an entryway, either near the front of the house or garage door that you can convert? Ideally the room will be the area most used for the family to enter and leave the house, that gets the most abuse. Whether visitors can see this room is a big consideration in your ultimate design. Size matters – How big is the room? Do you have space for a wall unit or closet area for collecting coats, shoes and bags? Is it big enough to house any other activities like gift-wrapping or floral station, sewing or laundry area. Some people incorporate a doggy shower in their mudroom for hosing off Fido after a long walk in the woods or dip in the pool. Floor Considerations – Probably the most important part of a mudroom is the flooring. Because this floor will be up against an arsenal of dirt, water, sand – essentially anything! – the flooring needs to withstand not only abuse from the elements but also the cleaners you like to use to clean those messes up. Think “non-porous” and “unfussy” when choosing the floor. We have gathered up a few options that are available in Arizona Tile stores.

What Kind of Tile is Best for Mudrooms and Entryways?


Due to the qualities of porcelain – strong, non-porous, color throughout the tile to hide small chips and nicks – it withstands the rigors that a mudroom can dish out. If you love the look of wood in your home, but have concerns about how wood will stand up to the moisture from shoes and pets, porcelain that looks like wood is the perfect solution and our Aequa Series is an excellent example of this great product.

Aequa Castor Porcelain Tiles For the look of stone but easy maintenance, consider our Ethos Series. Available in both large-scale tiles and 2in x 2in mosaics, this tile requires minimal maintenance and comes in neutral, earthy tones that go with any décor. Ethos Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Natural Stone – If your heart is set on natural stone, choose one that can withstand the elements with minimal rusting and staining that may occur when moisture hits the iron that is present in some types of stone. Slate is a natural for a mudroom or entryway and because of its dark color, mud and dirt isn’t quite so obvious – which is nice when unexpected visitors drop by when you just got back from a hike. Because this is a natural product, the color may change with regular exposure to moisture, but that is exactly why slate is so charming and classic.

Rustic Gold Slate Natural Stone Slate Tiles A mudroom is a useful addition to any home. With these tips, you will be on your way to designing the perfect mudroom that will make entering and exiting your home less stressful and more practical.

Ready to Design your own mudroom with a custom mosaic?  Check out these amazing tools from Arizona Tile to accomplish just that!  Design it for before you build it with Just Imagine and Just Design tools.  Get started today and share with us your latest design creation on Arizona Tile Pinterest and Houzz!

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